Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fats Fats, We Hate You

To tell u the truth, I'm a bit disturbed knowing the fact that the green kebaya is shrinking. Err.. okay okay..
Actually... I'm a bit disturbed n depress knowing the fact that the OWNER of the green kebaya has put on weight.
So here is the prove, Im not making up stories..

Please do not stare. Dah dah.. teruskan reading.

I think I know who to blame..

1) Stanley n K.Leng - who keep asking me to eat their biscuits, asam shanghai and kacang shanghai. Thanks for the fats, people.

2) Saras - who keep telling me that I look okay, so I end up tapau nasi kerabu Mak Wan for lunch n able to finish it. Seriously, licin. (FYI, the portion is like for 3 orang.)

3) Nisa - who put all the cupcakes, lollypops and the chocolates on my table, I hate u. But anyway, thanks darling.

4) Yes, me myself .. for keeping all these in the drawer..

and having a transparent jar..

P/s : Dear lunchmates, starting next week, I wanna ganti my puasa for 10 days. N will spend the lunch time in the 'L'.

My chocolates, cookies are all yours! xoxo

I hope it works.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Green Kebaya

I purposely edited the picture this way, as if it was taken a decade ago. But actually..this was when I can still fit in this green kebaya, on the last Nov, to be specific, Nov 2008, on my cousin's wedding. N yup, it's not even a year!
Unfortunately/surprisingly/sad to say/guess whattt, I tried it just a couple of minutes ago, and.....
I CANT EVEN BUTTON IT! And the kain too was so tight that I need to lift it a bit to walk. Wtf.
I planned to wear this on my friend's wedding this SUNDAY, and H yeah, it's a 'NO WAY GURL, YOU LOOK JUST LIKE A NANGKA.' busuk.
Ok.ok. Hold on.. ker memang this type of cotton, it shrink after wash?
Or, human body memang gemuk after makan? Hahahah
I think the gym instructor yang poyo kepoh tu has given me a wrong instructions. Im so not gonna buy your words again, Mr. Instuctor!
Bye bye kebaya hijau ku.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cannot Decide

I need your opinion.. Coz I cant decide. If you give me 1 hour, in the end, Ill say 'I DONT KNOW'.
If u were in my shoes, which one should I choose for this coming weekend?

A) Balik kampung halaman
- Dah beli tiket pergi balik, RM 16 each.
- Boleh main badminton + fresh air.
- Spend time with family.
- Tiket to KL 4pm on Sunday.
- Tak pergi to my fren's wedding on that Sunday night.. tak sempat.

B) Balik kampung halaman
- Dah beli tiket pergi balik, RM 16 each.
- Boleh main badminton + fresh air.
- Spend time with family.
- Tiket to KL at 12pm.
- Pergi my fren's wedding. Sempat.

C) Stay KL
- Sbtu malam pergi farewell dinner.
- Jumpa kawan2 yg bertahun2 tak jumpa.
- Rindu bangat jauh di mata dekat di hati.
- But plan to meet at MidValley. TRANSPORT susah. Sape nak hantar balik Ampang mlm tu?



The 2nd Episode

Not to worry, this title has nothing to do with serious matters such as the new Dina, with her 2nd episode of life..after so many things happened..with tears and laughters, she changed a lot..and she has 1001 secrets to success. Ok not that one.

This is the second episode of....
1) The gymnasium
2) R issue
(from my previous entry hehe..)

The gymnasium
Everything went well on my second day in the gym. Thank God that the instructor who monitored me wasnt there. So no one can control me like every minute pun nak 'Ok, now I nak u jog sikit. Tgn tu gerak2 sikit. Haa mcm tu. Ok good.'
Actually there was another instructor.Tapi he a bit kerek n ignoring me. jkjdoiufd ok, lagi bagus.

I was so happy and FREE cycling, jogging and at the same time, had some discussion with CC. Chin Chin, I hate to put your name as CC. It reminds me of Cyber Cafe. Hope u dont mind I put your full name here. Haha

Since we were more familiar with the equipments compared to the day before, memang berkobar2 mcm semangat habis nak kecikkan kaki, tangan dan sebagainya. On the first day, we started off with walking je. But tadi we were all out jog terus. Cycling pun macam speeding and if only the thing is moving, we already reach Shah Alam after 15 mins on it.

As usual, after 1 hr, we packed our things. Once we reached the ground floor, perut mcm dah berbunyi. Maybe I over-burnt the fats kot. Haha. At first I wanted to keep this to myself. But later..

Chin Chin : Dina, u hungry or not.
Me : Err.. Not really.(tipu. nak jaga R) But I can teman u for dinner.
Chin Chin : McD?
Me : Shit.. I pun nak la..Ok, let's make this the last McD dinner. The farewell to fats dinner.
Chin Chin : Ok. Tomorrow's lunch, do not take rice. Mee hoon only.
Me : SET!

We end up in McD, with burgers and fries. We burnt about 100 calories, but after McD, we added 300 more.

3rd day (today)..

Sakit pinggang, kaki lenguh.
We I decided to go back home.
See u when I see u, gym!

R issue (again..)
I was so hungry just now, and hoping there's something healthy (salads, oats etc. Big NO NO to sayangku Oreos. Booo.. U know Im kidding rite?) inside the fridge. Later, I found this. Ahaha Ok, I can read my readers, I know u all cant wait, what's with the lolly pop with my R. hahah

I remeber this one morning. Dtg2 kerja, I saw this on my table.

Stanley (sitting opposite me) knew I was excited. Thus he immediately..

Stanley : Nisa put that.

Me : Thanks Stanley. U shud NOT tell me that early. Let me perasan2 cloud 9 for at least 10 mins can u? Hahah

(Ok Nissy, aku suka nak mention nama kau byk2 kali di sini.)

So i put the lolly pop on my table and Eeza kot called me a min after that. While I was on phone, i heard this at the back..

Kakak gossip 1 : Eh atas meja Dina ada lolly pop heart shape.
Kakak gossip 2 : Boyfriend dia la tu bagi. Tgk tu..khusyuk gila gayut.

OMG. N my R-reputation as SBH (single baik hati) dah effected!! Eeii tlg jgn simply assume things can or not, kakak kakak? Saya dah emo.

That evening, I brought the lolly pop home. So that my R still SBH.

Nissy, Im having ur lolly pop ni! Nyum Nyum.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Mask

I blog this so i wont forget..
I will not go for any facial treatment again with my sisters.
Never. (haha)
Remember that, Dina. Ingat! Ingat!
Lagi la when our bed were next to each other.
Kenapa bila letak mask n the thing started to keras, baru lah 3 of us start laughing?
The weird thing is.. neither of us start a word or even a line of jokes.
Bila mask dah keras baru nak gelak! kenapaa??
Habis crack mask wangi n best tu! ..ok it's tomato mask.

After the treatment I was a bit mad, Ish sedihnya.. The mask crack before time. haha

But when I reached Ampang, I regret that I had that feelings. Tak kisah laa mask crack ker, dia massage muka smpai sakit n terkeluar air mata ke..

Girls, mari pergi lagi!! RINDU semua!!! After treatment tu, as usual main badminton dgn akak okay. 'Pass kiri kanan'.

Then, as usual, photo shooting hehe..

I miss my sisters


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aquaria KLCC 2009

A part of me was actually glad that the meeting was cancelled, as it brought me to Aquaria KLCC!

As this was my first time, I was excited to see all the eels, sharks, piranas and entah ikan apa lagi besar2.

So when u have RM 20 + student card + not knowing where else to go + all movies showing are sucks, WELCOME TO AQUARIA KLCC!!

I said 'no more' to Menara Taming Sari, but to Aquaria KLCC, yup, ill be back!
Everything was sooo romantic!

Aizat oh aizat..
Suara anda comel.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Im Not That Genius

After reading all over again my post titled 'English Is Important', I realized that not only that F-guy, but me too....did a steeww-pid thing!!! ( Im not wearing a shirt with 'IM SINGLE' on it to work, dont worry)

It was last night...
I switched off my handphone. Staring at it for 2 mins. (stupid no. 1)

Still not satisfied, I hide it in my cupboard. In between the shirts.. (stupid no. 2)

Just because I sent a text to.. ermm..adalah and lepas tu dah ter-OMG tak henti2.
Err.. malu. I pemalu okayy..

And after switched off the phone and hide it like whatttt, I switched it on again takut mak call lepastu risau terus call Hani n Nurin 'Knape Dina off phone?? Pergi konsert Peterpan ke ni!!'
And so i turned it on.. and errmm.. I received 'GoodNightsss!'
So goodnight people.
Goodnight Aizat...

Moral of the story :

Tolong berani menerima kenyataan. Bila dah ter-sent tu..tak boleh nak buat apa2. Wpun u switch it off n sorokkan di baju paling bawah skali.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

PERGI by Aizat

This has nothing to do with my life-oh-life. Haha.
Just wanna let everyone knows that this song is killing me!! (Ye, saya tgh dengar for the 10th time. Just like dulu2 time saya addicted to lagu 'Dibius Cinta' hehe)
I love the lyrics (wpun the lyrics keep repeating 'Pergi..pergi..' where we suppose to be sad n air mata mengalir..but I smile.. mcm instead of pergi..pergi.., it sounds like...cinta...cinta..' (Yup Im bad at menghayati lyrics. Jadi opposite meaning terus.)
The melody sgt mendayu2, n it is perfect.

PERGI by Aizat
Sayu terpisah
hikayat indah kini hanya tinggal sejarah
berhembus angin rindu
begitu nyamannya terhidu wangian kasihmu
hujan lebat mencurah kini
bagaikan tiada henti
kaulah laguku kau irama terindah
tak lagi kudengari
kau pergi.. pergi..
sepi tanpa kata
terdiam dan kaku tak daya kau kulupa
apa pun kata mereka
biarkan kenangan berbunga di ranting usia
p/s : Again, this song has nothing to do with my daily drama. I just love the lyrics, melody, clips and yes, the singer.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

English Is Important

When my teacher keep remind me how important English is, I agreed.
And that she reads and memorise the words in her Oxford dictionary, I was like ya-ya-wutever.

I considered myself as normal, that I do not know what pantaloons is. N I refer to my thick Cambridge dictionary for these words : vainglorious, puerile or truculent. The moment I tutup the dictionary to put it back on the rack, I already forgot what truculent means. NORMAL. dot.

I dont mind people who pronounce sorry as shor-ry (dah shalam shafiq?? hahaha - ok only some understand), gender as Gghen-der or bunting as booon-ting. No big deal. The next day, Gghen-der becomes Jen-der. NORMAL. dot.

But not knowing what F*** means, it's very not normal. So I am pissed off with this!

(Source : Email dari bapak. Thanks Mr. Najib!)

If tengah cuci toilet pun I wont wear this. Will you wear a t-shirt with 'I was born to rock (rock sikit2 tak pe) but DRINK and F***??? OMG. I dun think this guy knows what ball means. Hahaha. Eh.. jgn gelak. Marah. Ok, to this guy, Eeii.. u steuuw-pid! Euw spelling apa ni.. ok. Stupid.