Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eye-ing You =P

All this while I envy those with grey eyes. Like seriously.

And so I bought this pair of grey eyes (?) and LOVING LOVING it!
Me seduce-ing.. (Im kidding)

Me surprise/smile-ing.. (Im not kidding)

Im phsyco, so I watch the final episode of Nur Kasih last night with this and feel like Im her. Haha


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Night Of Elegance

On Monday, my senior asked me something but I was trying hard to recall it because I did the filing last Friday. She said it was just 3 days ago. N I replied, there was an audit annual dinner in between that made me lost almost half of my memory.
So here goes the story of our Audit Night of Elegance...
(I hope you like the intro)

The theme itself has made me cracking my head on how the H can I look elegant and spent much much time in front of the mirror. (Thanks Aza for telling me what exactly elegant is. Love u.)
Since the sleeve in light brown (pic 1) made my fat arms looks fatter, I decided to wear black (pic 2). It looks dull, so I put some accesories of gold necklace and a clutch. And I hope this is what we call as elegant. Yeahh rite. =P

We did a session of rehearsal, and later we realize we love camera and talk more.

Me with the dedicated committees and super talented performers for the night

AROUND 8 pm..

While others went out, me and Candy were busy getting ourselves ready in the hotel room. As no one around, I helped to curl her hair. It was the first time me doing someone's hair with a hot stick that I almost burn her hair. But she trusted me. Thanks babe. To our surprise, I did quite well. See! That's Candy with her curls.

I was still not sure whether to wear the necklace because I think it makes me looks shorter.

Sometimes (all times actually) I hate the fact that my eyes are that sepet whenever I smile.

We had so much fun during the dinner, I tell u. Like super fun!

With the craziest, funniest n coolest co-emcee, my dearest Muzammil!!We interviewed the 10 candidates of best dressed male and female.
(Asri was the one in grey hat and vest.)
Very very entertaining performances by the sexayyy ladies. I enjoyed it soo very much. Well done girls!Proudly, the hot babes...
Saras, the eye-liner expert. I called her every mins especially the few last hour before the dinner hehe (Babe, u know y.)

Farhana who wanted so much the best dressed title and she got it! Im so proud! xoxo

Nissy whom I miss everyday and now she's in Menara! Yeay!

With part of the audit clan.

Me with Dalila. Love her pink!

Jonathan is not only stand tall. He sit tall too. Haha He won the best dressed male. (Congrats!)Poor Asri.

Let's pardayy!

We just love dancing. =)

As per the big boss, it was a magic night! Haha I hope others really enjoyed and happy as me and my friends did!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mostly on Nur Kasih

I guess it has been almost a week I didnt write, n actually hoping for any messages from friends asking for updates, unfortunately there were none. Haha kidding.

For the past few days, my life was as normal as any other days. Nothing unexpected happen. Dun worry, I didnt go for any water rafting nor hiking in these few days. =P But kept myself busy with Nur Kasih.

Ive been hearing ppl mentioning about Nur Kasih since Ramdhan this year. As I was actually tired repeating Gossip Girl all over again , I thought of watching Nur Kasih..and to tell you the truth, I love the series. Like seriously.
I think it's because of the meaningful scripts, perfect casts (rupanya yg itu ke Remy Ishak) , beautiful sceneries, great story line, nice soundtrack and 97% SUKA!

Too much of pretty Nur Amina, I just bought 2 tudungs almost like hers. Haha Tried to find the veil she wears on her scenes in Makkah, but I think they are only sold in Makkah. Tp kalau beli pun nak pakai pergi mana je.. =(

Those who haven't watch it, u shud. Please put aside the fact that this drama is actually overrated. I admit that. Hehe


Monday, November 9, 2009

CupCakes Weekend

I just dont get it why people nowadays are so into cupcakes. Some sell it online, and make really good money, and on my friend's 25th birthday, we had to order 25 pieces of the cakes and many make it as hantaran on their weddings.
So one free weekend, Mek, Kar and I decided to bake. We went to this one bakery shop in Shah Alam and bought the ingredients. As usual, Mek the scientist really cracked her head up, thinking about icing colours n she was mumbling to herself 'Ok, colour biru as primer, mix with yellow as the sekunder, boleh jd green.'

Me and Kar couldnt be bothered about the colour, but I was a bit excited choosing the sprinkles.

And surprisingly, we had fun! Although we never thought that baking cupcakes is actually tiring.

Sangat taat-rajin-and-amanah-look. haha

I think it wasnt that bad for us, the first timer. Ok, I know, the colour was so much goddy..

And I am soo looking forward for another baking session with Mek n Kar!!

So..this is it!! =)

(we miss u MJ)

Dun worry, we'll improve our cuppie cakes soon.



Cuci The Musical

When Cuci was in cinema, I watched it twice.
After that I bought the original dvd.
So when Cuci was shown in Istana Budaya as the musical theatre, I had to make sure that I didnt miss it!!
Thus on the last weekend of October, three of us were on the 6th line from the stage.
What a perfect seat!

With Sarey and Ecah

With the combination of great Malaysian comedians, great lines of jokes, superb singers, the show was absolutely hilarious!
Love Love!!

One of the scenes where Awie offered his pisang goreng to Adibah Noor. (How can I hate this?! Even the company's name is after my mom's name Hehe)

Sarey was the one in blue, yup, much taller. hehe

After the show, they had some authograph session. The queue was so long, so I just snap a pic of whole of them.

Sorry, I was a lil bit vain that night, been staring at the mirror and snapping my own pic before went out. Hehe. Knowing that I'll be eye-to-eye with Hans Isaac, I hv to make sure that I was ok in every angle. haha =)

And yup, you're correct, Hans didnt even notice me.