Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Unbelievable monster in train!!!

Helo readers,

Thanks for spending few mins of yours for reading this.. sgt lah penting for the sake of your own safety, ur sisters, ur girlfriends or mybe your mom as well. Monsters yg alive in train ni tak kira umur kot.. they tried on whoever they can.. cit..they r such a loser..

ok... the story's like this..

i dun really remember wut day it was, tp that very hot day, i went to klcc utk jumpe my fav zainul n wawa. so after lunch and the gallery thing, we took PUTRA train to masjid jamek.. omg that train mmg sgt lah pack coz mmg time org blk umah..around 5.30pm laa k.

lpas queing for like few mins (ignore my spelling pls) we were part of the ppl yg dlm train tu.uish.. tp zai n wawa dah jauh sket dr i terpisah. tiba2 tgh dlm train tu... i can feel sth touching my thigh few times.. never thought that the guy infront (wut an innocent face he has!! ooo plsss) will do such thing, i just move a bit lah..we were face to face, but of coz, he's few cm taller.. just few seconds later, i still can feel fingersss on me (!@#$%)

so i moved, so that he's facing my shoulder instead face to face (yuckssssssyyyy).. still i couldnt imagine..btul ke this guy..he dun even look at my face..pakai spec yg power 1000 pulak tu..!! ok fine.. so when my shoulder was facing him, i kept staring at his hand bwh tu..btul ke he'll touch me..

to my surprise, i saw his two fingers ( that all u have??!loser) moving towards my waist.. by the time he cuit je, i shouted (owh..x kuat sgt org tgk..shit) 'R u touching me????' he tgk tmpat lain, n senyap je.. ok if u wanna say he mybe tercuit sket sbb the train was pack, y shuldnt he defending himself?? yuckss!!!!

ermm..ok wutever u nk ckp i over react ke..poyo ke..i was really shouted again 'to all women..pls beware of this guy!! he's totally scary' hahaha

the next thing i realzed, he was one of the ppl yg kuar frm train at M.Jamek.. ok i tried to catch him, snap a pic of him so leh put it in internet.. ahaks but he walked too fast, i can only see his knapsack..

later, when zai, wawa n i nak naik the STAR train pula, guess whatttt!!!??? that loser was in front me!!! shit i trus take my phone n pi shoot his photo.. 'Sorry..for my blog!'

So ladies, pls beware of this type of ppl..they might look innocent like they dun even know wut boobs means, but u'll never know..