Monday, May 24, 2010

Read and dont ask. Im ok, i guess.

Omg I can see spiderweb all over my page now. Shuh shuh...
I know, it has been awhile since the last time I wrote here. Seriously, dont know where to start and what to write. Hehe
Maybe I should update u guys what Ive been through since the last post. Nothing much I guess but enough leaving me upside down right now. Haha.
Firstly, I bought a broadband, it was last Sunday. Finally, Im gonna have a monthly bill with my name on it.
Secondly, I was deleted by a good friend of mine from his FB list, after he has a girlfriend. When asked, he replied that maybe he accidentally deleted me.
Next, I received a scam email, that I clicked on it, and......the whole money inside my bank account disappeared! just like that.
Ive been asking my close frens on whther i shud get a blackberry or iphone. So they did suggest which they think suits me. Thanks all Love Love. I end up buying an MP3. Sony. Pink. 2GB.
Wut else ya. Owh, I left my favourite umbrella in the ladies, KLCC, on my favourite sweetest day. Ok, this one, can make me cry. Seriously. So dont ask! *CRYING ALREADY*
Sometimes life is so cruel right?
Read again the title. Thx.