Monday, October 4, 2010

This is October, alligator!

Whenever I read about bloggers who become famous and rich after people notice and read about their interesting blog, Im worried. You know, nowadays, hobby can make u rich. Some friends of mine did take photographing seriously, earn lots and lots of money. With cupcakes, some people can even afford a Suzuki Swift! And yes, Im still worried, for not having a hobby....and a Swift a car.

In order to have my own baby blue Swift, Im trying hard, typing, thinking of a good topic, (only God knows how hard it is). But cant help it, the only thing I can think of right now is about my own self updates! Like what shoe size im wearing Haha.

No, Im not a celebrity, Im just an ordinary who gets nervous whenever I bump into Anuar Zain and don’t hv a car but a good big umbrella. So who cares reading my blog then!! *sigh*

Let me start with one good topic, that I hope it benefits all (HAHA).. which is..... my review on EPL. No, not English Premium League, u moron! Cause I’ll end up mentioning Torres and Xabi Alonso for 100 times, to make it one paragraph.

It’s EAT PRAY LOVE, ppl.

No point making simple things complicated. Thus to all queuing for Eat Pray Love ticket, Im suggesting u all to change ur mind. If u think no more good movies to watch, go back home, make some hot choc for urself, and enjoy ur DVDs. If ure big fan of JR, Pretty Woman is faaaaaarrr wayyyy hotter.

I hope I can afford a Swift by end of this year with my monthly movie reviews. Haha.
Night all.