Saturday, July 9, 2011

Helo world!!! :)

Helo readers (if there's any),

Just realized that I havent update this for sooo sooo long which the last was on Mek's bridal shower. And guess what... Mek is already 6 mths pregnant!!! Hihihi :D

CONGRATULATIONS again to my dearest Syara & Chet!

And ppl..pls forget what ive written here months ago.. hehe.

helo world, im in love! <3 <3 <3


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mek's gonna get married!! :D

I guess the title explains all, that our Mek is getting married and we're so happy just like her!! :) And i hv to keep reminding myself the DON'Ts once she's a wife:

1) do not simply call her at 3am, like what i did just to tell her that Shaheizey Sam replied my tweet.
2) do not simply give ideas for her events as we did analyse which green (light/lighter/dark/darker) suits for her wedding!
3) no more PD/Seremban/Melaka trips that we planned for weeks (LOL) as if we are going to Paris/Tokyo!
4) no more overnights and late night gossips as we did since we were 13!

Oh my, before i start crying (of happiness) i shud stop continue with the list..
To my dearest Syara,
Congratulations for 100th time, have a wonderful and happy life ahead!!

We love u so very much!!
Bestclosestfavouritest frens forever ok!