Friday, July 10, 2009

Life Is Too Short To Hate Anyone

To Aida, thanks for the email u sent me - the one u put the title as 'U guys must read this'.
I really thought it was about with MJ, his kids or even Joe Jackson. Because lately, anything to do with Jackson, people/I read.
Back to Aida's email, she sent me 50 things we must always remember. One of them really left a dot in me, which is 'LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO HATE ANYONE'.
Having too much 'Heal The World', 'Will You Be There', 'We R The World' and 'Ill Be There' in my head, I decided to remember- not to hate anyone even this one kakak senior (KS).

The story was like this..
A day before I received this email, I went to work as usual, with a mood that I tried to describe, but I just cannot. Ok Ill try, -like a mood u have to wake up early, take the train which I always have to stand with heels n reach office and do audit. Get it?
So on that day, at 10pm, we had a department meeting, attended by all auditors. I sat at the back of the hall with Farhana and after almost an hour the boss was explaining something (I heard procurement and cost cutting) in front, we get bored and started to whisper (Yes, whispering like Enrique whispered in his first line of Hero's song, that sexy whispers '...let me be your hero..') about whether is it ok to paint a house in light brown..bla..bla..
Never expected our whispers distracted KS who sat infront of us, n to our surprise, dsfhuidfh (eh eh jgn tak suka. Remember, life is short to hate her!) KS turned back and.. (imagine this, muka bengis tak boleh blah, cakap dgn tegas juga tak boleh blah) 'BOLEH TOLONG SENYAP SIKIT TAKK??!' and the whole 2 lines were like looking at us. F! (eh jgn jgn. Suka. Tak hate)
Like HELOOOOOOOO.. gelabah habis. I think boleh je if her harsh evil words tu dilembutkan mcm 'Shhuushh.. tone down ye adik2. Sebenarnye akak pun nak join korg.'
Since life is too short..KS, i dont hate u.

And to the aunties who keep on comparing your kids with me, who show off for things that I dont even bother, Im trying hard not to hate u all too. But u all are physcos.

But I hate to know Jon and Kate filed for divorce.