Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Signs To Meet The Little One

At 9 months pregnant and spending most of the time waiting for signs the little one to pop out is like a game. The longer you wait the more nervous and worry you are. Once (you think) it happens, you'll get excited (nervous tu masih ada), running to the washroom, and knowing it's false alarm, that's it, you have to start the waiting game all over again. So being a temporary housewife who stays at home alone from 8am to 8pm, you can't avoid but to play the game and be alert on the signs 24/7 all by yourself.. Hihihi..

Besides the obvious leakage/rupture of amniotic fluids and spotting, I've been counting my Little One's kicks that must be 10-12 times in 12 hours which usually starts from 9am for the past 2 weeks. Ive heard cases whereby some mommies can't feel the baby's kicks even at 8 months of pregnancy and later found out that the babies not survived. Na'uzubillah.

This morning, I found out that Little One was testing my nerves. At 9.30am, I couldn't feel him. So I asked my husband whether he can as he's always full of theories. He was so cute, he actually whispered to the Little One 'Bangun la baby Y..Mak dah risau tu..' and softly shake my tummy. Too bad, his theory was not really helping this time as Little One was still enjoying to play this nerves testing game. But husband kept on telling me nothing to worry. Little One might be sleeping and would want to wake up late.

I was like telling my husband 'But my mommy-sense said no'. I need to see my gynae so at about 10.15am, I was in the car with my husband to Pusrawi. Muka husband pun mcm ish-layan-kan-je-lah-my-think-too-much-wife-ni..

After about 10 minutes of driving, suddenly I felt Little One's kick. A strong one. and followed by another strong double kick. And I could see my tummy was actively moving. My muka yang tadi macam confident cakap I kan ada mommy sense tu pun told the husband 'Jomlah kita patah balik rumah. Baby Y dah kick dah ni.. hehe.. I belanja breakfast jom :p'..Jadi we all pun patah balik, had a good roti canai at the nearby mamak. Hihihi.. (naughty baby!! :p)

Sorry husband.. I love you and baby so much!! And hello Little One, Mak really can't wait to see, hug and kiss you!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not a Depression, I Hope! :p

I may say that I'm emotionally disturbed during my last few weeks of pregnancy (minggu lepas and juga sekarang ini okayy..). InsyaAllah I can manage the Braxton Hicks which attacks quite often :p but not when (part of the) environment is like going against me. I know, it's not good for the baby. (Sorry baby. Mak still loves you so very much).

I don't know about other pregnant ladies, but for me, during the last week of pregnancy which I get tired easily, all I want is a peace and comfortable place.  So when my sisters are laughing out loud, I can't stop but to ask them to slow down, until one of them twitted something like this, 'It's amazing that after 26 years living together, u have changed in just half of the year.' I was surprised, frustrated, sad, angry and felt unfair that they do not understand what my priorities are and is this what I suppose to get after husband and I sacrificed our privacy at our own home. :(  Husband asked me to forget it as I should have concentrated more on the little one in me and be happy. Sigh..

During the checkup at hospital just now, gynae was telling me that the baby is not engage yet and I haven't dilate even a cm even though I have only a week to go. And through her experience, most of her patients in this kinda situation will end up with a caesarian delivery.  I was quite sad at first as most of pregnant ladies want to experience the normal way of delivery. But why must I let double sadness in me kan? So let's redha, asalkan me and baby love selamat. InsyaAllah.. :) Please pray for me, dear readers.

Oh by the way, with all the technology wonders we're having currently, why is the dilation checking still using the doc's finger?? Dear scientists around the world, I'll be very very happy if something invented like a camera that give us the result just with a snap? Orrr... at least a glove made from jellies and not latex! Rasa zasss tauu!

Somehow I feel weird some ladies feel beautiful and sexy during pregnancy. Like otherwise, I'm actually feel fat, oily, stink, low self esteem and dark. Hehehe.. Googled, they claim it's normal for preggies to feel that way. Pheww... I'm normal by the way..
See how oily and dark I was!! (Obviously I was the one in polka dots). Pic was taken during the Raya Haji 2012/1433 with the in laws.

Husband said that me staying alone at home alone so long isn't really a good idea because he said I think too much. But thanks anyway because I unpacked all the things in boxes since we moved here in April, sweep and wipe the house, do laundry and I can sleep whenever I wanted to!

Sigh..I hope this is just a temporary hormone changing period I'm facing and not a depression!!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm at 37 weeks!

I think time really fly fast for this last few weeks. Still remember the day I knew I'm pregnant, I almost wanted to ask husband to bring me to at least 3 clinics to make sure my test kit was correct. Kiasu kan? Hehe..

And today just realized that our baby will pop out anytime soon!! Oh my, feels like 37 weeks I went through are like 37 days hehe..

Muka yang sgt excited and super nervous at the same time. 

Please pray that everythings gonna be ok ya. InsyaAllah..
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Baby In Me :D

I thought blogging will keep me occupied during my almost-a-month-of-medical-leave besides doing the laundry and checking out husband's old pics /gossips (hehehe).  Surprisingly it took me hours just for a line and yes, I still blame the smartphones, twitter, facebook, beautiful nara and instagram that I'm too attached with. I just dont know how to write anymore! Erghh..

Ok.. phew.. coming back to what makes me wanna write today is something that I dont mind sharing, which has changed me from S size M size to XXL size and I'm loving it! *jump jump.. eh eh tak boleh lompat2 pls* Im currently in the final trimester of my pregnancy and patiently (not really because I just cant wait!) waiting to see the baby in me!! :D

Alhamdulillah, I didn't experience any morning sickness. (Tp orang2 tua cakap nanti bersalin susah. Tak tahu lah. Let's pray a lot to Allah everything's gonna be fine soon). But during the 2nd to 3rd month, I had spotting and gynae said it's normal. Some bodies cant accept additional 'creature' in the beginning and thus 'rejection' (terms used by my gynae) happens. I was required to take antibiotic and need a lot of rest as this can lead to miscarriage. Alhamdulillah, the spotting only lasts for few days.

During my 2nd trimester, I had urine infection (which I think was because of I tahan my pee on my trip to Pulau Perhentian hehe) and fever for almost a week. I still remember gynae gave me some kinda antibiotic and I drank lots of barlies (without sugar). Alhamdulillah, Allah granted our prayers, the infection and fever cooled down after that.

In the earlier months of my 3rd trimester, I already experienced the braxton hicks (BH). My tummy becomes stiff and I cant hardly breath whenever it happens (still experiencing it) which lasts for 1-2 minutes.  I thought it was normal until the BH became too frequent (every 10 minutes) regardless whether I'm standing, sitting or walking eventhough my pregnancy haven't reach the full term (37th week and above) yet. Gynae was surprised and told me this is called as 'premature contraction' and  can lead to premature labour.  I was required to take Ventolin until my pregnancy reach 37 weeks to control and reduce the frequent BH/contractions and also to relax the muscles.  I was also warded a night at the hospital and injected twice with some kinda liquid which I've forgotten the medicine's name untuk  matangkan the baby's paru-paru just in case I'll deliver earlier.
 Tengok lah siapa yg makan tuu :p

The only thing I remember was, the injections were considered (sangat) sakit and terasa panas di bahagian injected for about 1/2 an hour. Hihi..
So now I'm all time at home menunggu hari of labour. Hopefully everything goes well to me and also the baby, insyaAllah. :) Love you baby! I'm so a mommy to be! :D

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Behind The Scenes of My Wedding

Most of my close friends know how addicted I am to weddings. I seldom miss the wedding part aired in Nona tv show and I bought my own Pengantin magazine even that time I was single! So I was kinda having 200% ideas on how my wedding should be, from the songs to the decorations. Overss tau..
But..kita hanya merancang, Allah swt yang menentukan..

When I was about to start my wedding plan - somewhere in the mid of April, I was assigned to an assignment in Cambodia for few weeks. Part of my focus and excitement for wedding plan was somehow affected. Erghh!!

After I came back, thought of concentrating on the wedding plan (chewah), I was informed that I need to join an assignment in Jakarta which when I came back to KL, I only have a week before the wedding.The feelings was super horrible so better I dont tell you!!!

Not really giving up, but later my mom and I decided to leave most of the things for the mak andam and the cook/tukang masak masa wedding to take charge daripada pening2 kepala and dapat migraine . In other words, saya redha and tawakal sajelah..
And well,,, some things happened during the wedding... SDFGTYH

1) The Wedding Cake
The first time I saw the cake was on the wedding day itself when me and husband were about to cut the cake. That night, after the reception while cleaning up the house, sisters told me there were actually pieces of cupcakes on top of the main cake, but the cook accidentally dropped them all few mins before the cake cutting session. Oh wellss... (Luckily I had no idea on how the cake looks like hehe)
(BEFORE-Original cakes before the cake cutting. Cupcakes were still there..Thank you photographer for the pic)

(AFTER-Bila cupcakes dah jatuh terjelupuk ke dalam parit. Surprisingly me and husband tak perasan pun tingkat atas tu empty.. hehe)

2) Kompang team
Been admiring how the bunyi kompang can make one wedding so meriah. And yup, my kompang team didnt turn up during the wedding, claiming they forgot about the date. Oh wells...

3) Wedding songs
During my 1 week off before the wedding, Ive been spending my time downloading all the songs Ive been dreaming since forever to be played during my own wedding. Ada abang Anuar Zain, kak Sheila Majid, Camelia etc..And all I want the DJ to do is just play the songs and dont you dare to talk or have karaoke session during the wedding please. Things turned out the other way round. He didnt play the songs, he played his own 70s and pop yeh yeh playlist and he sang a song!! Erghh....

But to think about it all over again, i think the most important thing is my family and friends and all the guests are happy during the ceremony. So basically itu lah cerita behind the scenes of our day, which Ive forgiven them (especially DJ yg berkaraoke) but how can I forget hihi...

SOME of the happy faces during our big day.. :D
(sorry, for not able to upload all. But I thank again to each of family members and friends who were happily there. Yes, I remember each and every one of u. Love u all lots and lots) 

Moral of the story is, nothing is perfect, take things easy and remember..kita as manusia hanya merancang. Tapi apa2 pun Allah SWT yang menentukan :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Love Story :p

After a post of our dating-at-the-lake and a picture of me and husband jumping, I realized that I didnt share much of our story on how we met in Feb 2011 and end up happily marrying each other in Dec 2011. So in just 10 months of dating, which most of the time we were busy discussing on the wedding, I just knew that husband doesnt eat Laksa and not really into asam pedas, last month week. :p hehe..

How did the story begin?...
It all happened when friends decided to match us up since both are singles. So why not if we meet first right? As we were brave confident old enough, we first met on the 12 February 2011 ourselves without the matchmakers. He fetched me at home and I can still remember how nervous I was, keep on calling Kar and Eeza for their moral supports. I remember telling Eeza where we were heading to, just in case he gonna kidnap me (sorry husband, please bear with me : (1)my-wife-think-too-much). And I knew he was nervous too as he hit a divider at a junction, somewhere in Ampang and kept driving without a word for 10 mins after that. Hahaha.

After few times of dating and being comfortable with each other, he proposed by saying 'Parents I tanye bile kita bole kahwin.'  At home, I cried. I expected he came with a rose and a list on why am I so special that he wanted to marry me and not marrying me because of our parents asked to. (sorry husband, please bear with me : (2) Hahaha.

Our 1st pic together yg very the shy-shy cat :p

I had lunch with his parents after a week he met mine. Triple nervous than the first date but I did it! Hehe.. Small and big things settled along the way, a very simple merisik dan menyarung cincin belah rotan was done in 7 May 2011 at my hometown.:)
After the penyarungan cincin. Masih lagi shy-shy cat.

And the wedding was on 10 December 2011. :D
Thank you a zillion to all friends who came to our wedding and all family members who helped throughout the journey. xo
To readers, remember....anything can happen in 1 year!! :D

My promise to be a solehah wife, insyaAllah...Love you husband :x


Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Married!!

I cant believe it either.. Im now married to a gentleman who... erm.. jumped in this picture!! Hihi Love you husband!!