Monday, September 22, 2008


My bestestt pic of the month..

It's not all about the kuih muih being displayed.. but the mood of raya was evrywhre.. lagu2 raya juge kedengaran di mana2.. everyone was sooo busy..keep bargaining.. trbyg2 kg halaman ku..pelita..bunga api.. n shopping raye lagi n hv the raye mood.. n the most important thing is...

with whom u shop ..

ur favourite frenss..who supports u, wutever u do..err..cthnye.. foot massage!! AHAH which i tot no one can even touch my foot, but later, i enjoyed it!!


The next day -that hot Sunday, I really kemas my bilik.. sungguh mood hari raya.. dgn mendgr lagu raye..

Before kemas...

ignore the mess pls..

But 3 hours after that...


Yup, that my shooting star.. mari terbang ke bintang .. heheh

i can show u dozensss of my fav pics, but i think i like this one most..

my bestest pic for the whole yearr..


Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Beautiful Sunday

Things to do :

1. Kemas bilik - just bought a new curtain, bedsheet and a star-shape-lamp.. (mengemas bilik for hari raye). N make sure that Ill be listening to lagu raya while mengemas! YEayyyyy giler..

2. Iron baju - still thinking which baju to wear for my Monday-bluesss..errmm blue maybe?? haha

3. Mandi - i dun think i need to further describe this ya.

4. Mask - Yup, those that I kept in fridge.. ahah so that sjuk giler biler pakai..almost forgot that I have those few packets.

5. Tido - After like almost one whole day mengemas n yet Im fasting like others, of coz I really need this. Ill be silent off my hp.. eventhough ure calling me for updates (ehemm.ehem.. hahah) I wont answer this k.. hahha

6. Foooodd sooo good - mari mmbeli air tebu, murtabak n nasi kerabu.. nyum2..

7. Buka puase

8. TV - news (yes, I do watch this AHHAH)

9. ZZzzZZ gdnite ppl!!~

Saturday, September 13, 2008

the heaven - pasar Ramdhan

helo darlingsss of my life~~

after knowing how to link others' blogs to mine, tiba2 the feelings of blogging trus ade..yeay!!

Errr.. errrmm.. iskk...hmm.. As always, once i touch the keyboard, trus blurr.. haha

So hows ur puasa going on? Mine was great just like previous yr. So jgn lupa ye.. the purpose of fasting is always to remember how difficult the poor to survive n besides, ur organ2 body tu pun rest a while lah. N try to avoid buying too much foods for ur berbuka (which i cant!! haha)..

Last week, me n jihan was so excited imagining all sorts of kuih, so we went to tmn melawati's bazar . Surprisingly, it was only 4.30pm but hundreds of ppl were alrdy there memilih n mmbeli food. Nak parking pun susah as we took almost 20 mins searching for it. Knowing me, i think ive stopped at evry stalls. OMG..heaven!! nasi kerabu ku, kropok lekor, super tasty murtabak, ikan bakar, ayam golek, nasi lemak kukus, soto ayam, air kelapa, tebu, pudings.. u name it, u got it.. giler best.(Zai, jgn bce the foods ive listed brulang kali ye) As i checked on every stalls tu, tibe2 I saw this one lady wearing all black jubah with sunglass gitu.. n beside her ade 2 guys botak2.. hihi actually, she's norkumalasari n her sons. To those from other planets, she's anita sarawak's sis..Nway wut so big deal bout them ya? ok I pun x tau y must i tell u all that i saw her.. tp it can be my isuse of the day wut.. haha

Apart from the pasar ramdhan, nice kuih muih, downloading lagu2 raya, tarawikh n all, there is another thing really make me happyyyy..n clouudy2 niners..hehe Happy till I wont delete them.. The texts wishing Selamat berbuka n brsahur..hihhi i love them all.. thanks.. ZzzZ ;) enuff of this lah :)))))

Besides, all this while ive been menahan diri from gossiping..try not to laugh too loud..adoi.susah.. but end up feeling better actlly.. hihih so farrah, zainul, kar, eeza, mek, aza,sarey..pls dun call me with ur first line 'dina..ape gosiip??' ure so not helping me. haha

Ill blog again later. Jom sahur..