Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Love Story :p

After a post of our dating-at-the-lake and a picture of me and husband jumping, I realized that I didnt share much of our story on how we met in Feb 2011 and end up happily marrying each other in Dec 2011. So in just 10 months of dating, which most of the time we were busy discussing on the wedding, I just knew that husband doesnt eat Laksa and not really into asam pedas, last month week. :p hehe..

How did the story begin?...
It all happened when friends decided to match us up since both are singles. So why not if we meet first right? As we were brave confident old enough, we first met on the 12 February 2011 ourselves without the matchmakers. He fetched me at home and I can still remember how nervous I was, keep on calling Kar and Eeza for their moral supports. I remember telling Eeza where we were heading to, just in case he gonna kidnap me (sorry husband, please bear with me : (1)my-wife-think-too-much). And I knew he was nervous too as he hit a divider at a junction, somewhere in Ampang and kept driving without a word for 10 mins after that. Hahaha.

After few times of dating and being comfortable with each other, he proposed by saying 'Parents I tanye bile kita bole kahwin.'  At home, I cried. I expected he came with a rose and a list on why am I so special that he wanted to marry me and not marrying me because of our parents asked to. (sorry husband, please bear with me : (2)my-wife-is-a-cry-baby-and....watch-too-much-movies). Hahaha.

Our 1st pic together yg very the shy-shy cat :p

I had lunch with his parents after a week he met mine. Triple nervous than the first date but I did it! Hehe.. Small and big things settled along the way, a very simple merisik dan menyarung cincin belah rotan was done in 7 May 2011 at my hometown.:)
After the penyarungan cincin. Masih lagi shy-shy cat.

And the wedding was on 10 December 2011. :D
Thank you a zillion to all friends who came to our wedding and all family members who helped throughout the journey. xo
To readers, remember....anything can happen in 1 year!! :D

My promise to be a solehah wife, insyaAllah...Love you husband :x