Wednesday, October 29, 2008

nak ice creamm!!!

Hari ni sgt panass.. I mean, the weather.. tgh hari ni, if u hang ur thick, wet sweater kat luar, in 10 minutes pun boleh kering...

I opened the fridge, x ade ice cream...

So I went to a kedai runcit.. dekat2 je dgn my house.. nk ice cream.. Tgk kat dalam ice-box die tu, I took Tropicana yg hijau tu.. errmm.. cooling..

Sampai kat kaunter, I dun think one is enough. So i left the Tropicana kat kaunter, bukak the ice box again, nak amik yg Smarties... yess.. pasni sure tak panas...

Tgh nak amik the ice cream.. I heard a voice, next me..

Pembantu kedai : Lepas lu ambil ini ais klim, tutup peti ini cepat2.. nanti ais klim saya semua cail.

(Pembantu kedai ni was talking to me and she's the one who tutup her ice box - giler kerek..ishh ok..ok..)

Me : Eh..ape u ckp tadi? Ok, I x jadi beli..

(N I went to the cashier, ambil the Tropicana, put pack in the ice box)

Cashier : Eh..beli la.. u tak nak ais klim, u beli buah..ade belimbing..ade lambutan..

(I nak ice creammm!!!!!)

Me : Errrm.. tak ape lah..buah u jual ni semua pun dah nmpak nak lembik.. baik2 nnti cair..

I balik rumah dgn kepanasan.. nk cari kedai runcit lain pun dah malas..

Nakkkk icee-creaaammm!!!!!!

kemas almari

One afternoon, I realized that Ive done all the tips listed in the previous post. Not knowing wut else to do, I saw a spider crawling (is it??) into one of the book racks. So I decided to kemas and kemas lagi.. As that Mr.Spider showed that racks dah lama laa sgt tak dibuka.. n dikemas...
Ooo..rupenye..the albumss yg menimbun2.. eh byknye!!!!! Dgn semangat yg menimbun2 juge, I looked at every photos n sakit perut penat gelak after that.. Sygnye..hani n win x de kat rumah... ;(
(1987 - Saya kakak yg gembira menyambut adik pertama, Hani.. haha yeahh rite!)

(1989 - Ciri-ciri kakak yg bertanggunjwab utk adiknye, mmg btul - kakak yg bertanggungjwab!!haha)

(Nurin yg takut2 nk bukak drawer.. win, y??? haha)
Me : Hahahaha..Bapak, asal dgn rain coat ni sume ni?? ahahahahahahah
Bapak : Diorg nk sgt jd 4u2c.. so bpk blikan raincoat kuning n specs tu.. mcm rappers ape...
Me : Hahahaha..Bapak, knape ni?? hahahaha
Bapak : Dina n Jihan make up kan Win, Lin pulak make up kan Hani.. Pastu suruh bapak judge.. sape no.1.

Me : Ish.. asal sume org happy.. asal Dina je mcm tak?

Bapak : Coz ive just scolded u! Most of the pics, u were making faces yg pelik. So Bapak marah, soh Dina senyum je..

Me : OMG!!!! Bapakk!!!! When n why was this??? hahahah
Bapak : Sahur..Korang ngantuk tunggu mak masak.. hehe

Me : Bapak, u remember everything??
Bapak : Yup!!

Bapak ku, I LOVE U!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

wut to do on ur dun-know-wut-to-do-days..

Tips to those who have 2 weeks holidays..

1) When u feel like eating, go and grab some raya cookies..

2) When u feel u need to lose some weight, turn on your aerobic cds.. repeat them till u think ure ok..

3) When u think u miss ur frens, call them..

4) When u wanna laugh out loud, watch 'My Wife and Kids' pls..

5) When u feel like crying, watch 'Stairway to Heaven'.

6) When u wanna know what true love means, and u think u wont get the answers.. watch 'Titanic'. N u'll keep asking urself.. will ur heart go on? Will u jump when he jumps?

Shit..after spending like 2 hrs on titanic..i dun get the answers yet..

Haha..1 hr b4 the movie ends, i saw blck screen.. ooo..ZZzzZZzz

No wonder...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

pokok2 yg i siram....

Some of the pokok yg disiram ..err.. setiap hari..

This is one of my any of my lil czins yg petik bunga ini hanye utk main pondok2..
i x bagi.. hehe

Orange bunga raya,but yg pink not sure..

Bunga zaleha..My fav!! tp amat gediks.. satu hari tak siram, akan layu n if 2 hari tak siram.. mati kot.. hihihi

Pokok bunga yg byk sgt.. but i like them all..

my backyard.. pokok kelapa..n tq, tak payah siram.. hihih


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the truth behind the curtains.. (part II)

erm.. the other 2% of me..

1) x tau ape tu pancing.. so i thought it was bodek.. tp i just remembered.. bodek a.k.a kipas.. bukan pancing.. hihi

2) err..i really forgot ayaq tu air.. which i think i tau actlly. ish.. ok.. so.. ayaq BUKAN ayam..

ermm..adekah i'll still be buzzed after this? hehe
im wondering..sume org tau ke pancing n ayaq??

the way i am

If you were falling, then I would catch you.
You need a light, I'd find a match.
Cuz I love the way you say good morning.
And you take me the way I am.
If you are chilly, here take my sweater.
Your head is aching, I'll make it better.
Cuz I love the way you call me baby.
And you take me the way I am.
I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair.
Sew on patches to all you tear.
Cuz I love you more than I could ever promise.
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.

Monday, October 20, 2008

raya open house

This is especially to Ateh.. yg berada jauh di mata.. tp dekat di hati..
On the open hse updates..
Actually kan..aku x leh laa nk cerita as in aku pi 10 houses.. ahhaha coz i only went to 3.. ahaha

Umah lyana :
Err.. aku tak pi.. coz aku ade co. punye Treasure hunt... hihihih

Umah Eeza :
ahhah I feel like im a reporter ok. Umah eeza kt nilai. I went there with Mek.. If aku dgn syara dlm's either we stuck in jam or..sesat... Unfortunately, on the way to eeza's, we met both.. sesat ntah jln mane ntah kan.. hahah n later jam pulak ..smewhere in MRR2..

By the time we smpai, kwn2 eeza sgt laa ramai.. n ade apek juge. tu je laa yg kys.. n we all x lama sgt coz we hv to go to kar's pula.. n no pics.. sbb lupa bw camera.. tnye eeza k ateh.

Umah Kar :
kitorg smpai situ around 8.30pm.. ramai yg dah linda n areeq ade kt gate..konon2 nk blk.. tp bile kitorg smpai, diorg masuk blk umah kar.. AHHA n..makan lg.. after 30 mins..Leang pulak dtg.. his flight to Dublin, esoknye. Jd, bile borak pasal cerita dulu2, time pun kitorg tak perasan.. last2.. around 11 - 12 baru laa blk.. tu pun sbb mase tgh borak kt luar, tibe2 hujan.. hihih

Umah Amani :
Cume aku, kar n lyana yg pi.. Mek cant join..busy kemas rumah..coz akan pindah to kajang, early of november.. ok ateh, if kau trun KL, kite ade pot baru hhiiihi.. mek sgt happy..apartment die tu ade swimming pool AHHAHA...

Eh..back to amani's hse.. umah amani pun ramai org.. jd after makan, borak2, kitorg pun balik. hujan lebat time tuh.. we'll wait for amani's big event.. in decemeber..or next year kot.. ehheeh (sorry amani).. ateh..cepat laa sket.. aku tunggu kad kau hhihihi

N x de pics juge.. coz aku lupa laa ateh. utk bw my camera.. hehe
Ateh..bile je laa kau bleh nk jumpe kitorg hehe...

Lely, thankkk youuu

Lely darling,
I punye terharu tak hilang2 lg.. ahhaah
wpun dah smpai tanah tercinta ini.
Beb, thank youuuuuu!!!
Isk.. isk..sob.. sob..
Good luck syg ku!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Max Payne?

For those who r still deciding wut to watch this weekend, can u pls not to buy Max Payne ticket???

Haha. It's so colourless n yet depressing. U end up tired of watching Max searching for the murderers.

No offense la k. I heard this is originally a game utk playstation ke Psp, i dunno laa the term kan.

But next time, if Elly yg decide for muvies, I'll think twice hahaha sory beb. Eeza, we shud stick to the one we chose, which i wont disclose here ahahahaha

Sorry to chet too, now i know.siapekah Mila Kunis..

To Mark (Wahlberg), Im still ur fan..

Friday, October 17, 2008

R 17/20 (the last day in pwc..)

6.45 am : eeza called 'Dina..bgn cpat.. breakfast at sentral.. ni last day kau ok.' 'Thanks eeza.c u there..'
i tried to tutup mate a few mins more..sbb gile ngntuk as i stayed up very late last nite.. (srprisingly, 4.30am) but tringat 'eh this is my last day in pwc!!!' so dgn terhuyung hanyang i siap2 like the other normal days..

We had breakfast kat KL sentral. Along the way to OneSentral tu mcm sayu2 je..dgn morning windy2 nye.. bye2 sentral..pastu eeza kene layan laa kan..we snap few pics there. sedih..syahdu..

I entered level 15 pun with mix feelings..sedeynye tinggalkan locker ku.. machine milo, oasis cafe..sob sob.. At 15.. while others are busy doing AR n calling clients, (but i saw some with facebook- hihi), I was doing my sana n ke sini, ikut je laa the clearance form's procedures tu..

By 4pm..i sent my sayonara email to evryone i know (shit..fell like crying again), b4 returning my laptop yg macho n comel ini to GTS. wishing everyone all the best..bye bye an all.. kire dah sent email tu, sarey snapped few pics of me ng laptop la.. owh helo.. sape je x sedih kene pulang the most precious thing ni. so dah pack2 the cable sume, kitorg pi laa gts..level 13.. muke senyum2 sbb clearance dah nk settle! yeay!!

At the GTS counter:

Me : Helo..Im doing my clearance, n wanna return this.. hehe (smbil tnjuk my laptop, the cable n charger n still smiling)

GTS staff 1 : ermm..where's ur bag?

Me : pack??

GTS staff 1 : bag...the laptop bag.

Me : Laptop bag?? All this while ive been using mine.. ehh.. shit.. ya!! that bag.. err,, i left it in my hometown.. in my hse in Muar!! ahhah (NOOO!! cmne ni??) can i pass it to my fren on monday??

GTS staff 1 : ahhha .. u come in, n see that kakak.

So I proceed dgn terus ke kakak yg tgh duduk n staring at her comp screen.

Me : Hi kakak. kak, saye nk return the bag saye lupa. bleh tak saye pulang on monday, by pass it to my fren??

staff 2: erm..if nk byr, it's RM50.. jap akak cek other things ni,,

So kakak GTS pun cek cable, charger n lil vasco..whther sume IT gadgets yg make my life complicated ni ade ke tak..

Kakak staff 2 : aik.. where's the lock???

Me : Lock?? (lock ape lak ni..)

staff 2 : laa..kensington lock!!

Me : shit,, i left it in my hse in ampang!! hehehe so i pass that to my fren as well. or ill pay lah. rm 20 je kan??

Staff 2 : byk laa awak hahah..rm 300

Me : err,,if cmtu, ill return that lah heheh.nnti saye bg kat kwn saye..die pass kan kt akak.

Staff 2 : Cmni laaa.. u come back on Monday.. return all these skali selepuk.

Me : err..ok.. thanks ya

ntah laa Sarey dah terguling2 disitu..muka pun merah padam..

so i pun pi laa level 15 balik...with the laptop.. i still can check my mails..not yet sayonara ppl!! ahhaha last day in pwc is 2oth oct.. haha



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The truth behind the curtains..

Readers, pls dun get too excited with the title. Im not going to tell stories like the CSI or Criminal Mind series, which I usually manage to watch them only the first 10 mins, b4 I doze off. But this is about me.. coz I think, u need to know, wut type of person am I. Dun ask me y am I suddenly explaining these, bcos Im myself confuse HAHA

Basic n simple one, but i really want u to know - Im the eldest, with 2 younger n taller sisters. Have a big family with so many elder n lil cousins, nieces n nephews. So, obviously it's not easy for me to remember each names ya. My mom's still working and bakes 24/7 (erm..depends on her mood). My father teaches in a tuition centre. Yup, he acted as well. A drama, an advrtisement, n sometimes on stage. Since this is about me, I dun want to further cerite on this lah. hehe

Last weekend, when my cousin sent me to Ampang from Muar, I slept on the whole journey. By the time I woke up, my neck is super painful coz as per my sisters, it was 90 degress erm..bend. Everytime I followed my father to fetch my mom at her office, which takes only like 15 mins from home, seriously I didnt realize that I fall asleep after kluar dari the junction at my hse. So if i promised u that ill online at night, but didnt reply your buzzes, im sorry, the-normal-me, TERtido. hehe

I didnt realize bout this, until 50% of my frenster n facebook comments stated that I laugh a lot. Am I? Seriusly, I dun know bcos my family laugh even at Yusof Haslam's jokes (hahhaha), I laugh 24/7 with my close frens. Pernah that I was on phone with Zenul, we ended up laughing n we're not able to speak even a word.So if u hate someone who laugh a lot Ill try not to laugh at Senario's jokes. Both my sisters feel it was annoying that I can laugh at their sitcoms. ahahah (yup, im confused)

I dun really buy branded stuff. Not bcos I think it's wasted but bcos when it comes to me, ppl'll think they're pirated!!! haha N im used to my frens' lines like 'Dina, if kau nk kuar dgn aku, with this handbag, pls, jln jauh2 sket.' But I dun mind as I love my frens..hehe

Yup I do appreciate my frenship with all of my fav buddies. When they call me while I was crossing at Jln Masjid Jamek, Ill listen (rite?? haha) If im in the office pun I answer ur calls kan?? cume my suara a bit serious HAHA. Even if Im apart from my bestfrens for thousand miles, I know every updates on them n make sure that everyones happy. I can stay on phone with syara, kar, aza, farah, shek for like hours!! I wonder how we did it. If Im not ok, Im glad that I have them who listen on every words of mine. Wlaupun I called at 5am (HAHAHA) sorry eeza..

I sing like Im a singer. When I have the mic, pls get yours from the others. Haha. Once, my audit team, asked me to try to stop for 15mins. Ive tried. But I continued humming.

Im the shyesttt cat on earth, trust me. HAHA So if Ill be seeing u for the 1st time, Ill nervous for a week b4. hehe. Mybe, I end up cancelling the whole plan. No other reason than these 3 letters, s.h.y!!

Ok, Im sooooo not good in politics. I read papers, but Ill skip on politics. Ive tried. But I managed to understand after 3rd time reading the same article. But I know what's happening to Raja Petra k. hehe..

Since I dun want to keep on dragging till the history of my grandparents, I shud make a final dot here. I hope a least u know 25% of the true rainbow colours of me?? hehe ;)

Friday, October 3, 2008

di mlm syawal yg i dunno wut to do..

Yup, time flies.. the day ive been waiting dah pun berlalu. Baju kurung raye pun dah dipakai.. duit raye pun dah dibagi2 kan.. no more sahur, no more takbir raye.. Slamat tinggal Ramdhan.. Next yr - 1430H, insyaAllah.
Just like all of u, hari utk balik kg was the most exciting day. Dah 3 weeks tak blk rumah, so ive been wondering hows evything goin on - the neighbourhood n ayam itik ku.. sgt rindu family n dah lame tak jumpe my sisters sume.
On that b;lk kg day, tiket bas to Muar pkol 2pm, but I woke up at 6am (Win je bgn at 11am! ciss), 1pm dah sampai the bus station - Bukit Jalil and by 1.45pm, i kept asking the pakcik at counter nape laa the bus that i shud take x muncul2.

Me : Pakcik, bus saye ni blom smpai lg kan??
Pakcik 1 : Blom dik.. tnggu jap.. no plate die 9800
Pakcik 2 : Eeeii anak oi.. bawak2 bersabarlaa.. pi duduk2 dulu
Me : Mane leh pkcik.. ade lg 15 min ni.. Heheh
Pakcik 2 : Ye laa tu ko ni..

As expected, bus smpai pun 2.15. Dunno wut the driver was checking, around 3 baru gerak. With the sunshine, curtain bus yg kaler merah menyala, n my tdung yg belit2 tu, percaye or tak, the whole journey to Muar was without aircond!!! dgn all tngkap trtutup, CISSNESSSS mmg laa i almost fainted. To avoid that, blom kluar area Bkt Jalil lg, i tutup mate hoping that I would sleep smpai ke Muar. n yesss.. berjaya!!
The 1st nite at Muar was great. After like quite some time not seeing with all the 5, we gossip until like 12am - smpai laa ngntuk abes.. Oh kg halaman dgn freshest air, dentuman mercun, kids were with their firecrackers, pelita n i helped with the hsechores lah..ape lg..
My raya pun happy.. like the lyrics in most of the raye's songs, time2 raye laa kita berjumpe sanak sedare.. hehe bermaafan sbb terngumpat n kasi n dpt duit raye, posing utk pics raye dll. Tp this yr's raye was a bit terasa kelainan. My beloved uncle - Mohd Fauzi Salim was passed away a few weeks b4 Ramadhan this yr. Been knowing him for my whole life, he was a cheerful person. Sgt kuat biler ketawa, jokes n teka teki 24/7 n his handmade-angpau packet. So when we gathered during pagi raye tu, mmg sgt rase ketidaan nya, we miss him. Al-fatihah.
Nway, can we pls think 1st wut shud we ckp biler beraye. If anyone berye at my hse, just to talk about how ur kids are doing, studying overseas like no ones been there, keep on perli 'bile beli itu ini?? baru nmpak!!! mane dpt duit ni??tiap2 tahun ade changes!!' or keep on comparing me n ur kids, plssss forget it.. U dun hv to come, just gimme a call so that i can record our conversation, post it in youtube with the title 'Kata2 terlampau'.. hehe.. i know, it's still raya n just bersalam with u - the phsycos. Sesungguhnye, hasad dengki itu amalan syaitan. hehe
Keeping all these to urself is soo not good.. that's y i put it here. Sory readers, just avoiod this paragraph. Sgt tidak melambangkan syawal as in the raya songs lyrics.. ahahah
But i do love my raya.. haha to live a happy life, i just forgive n forget lah.. Like i said.. life's like that..
Yeayy!! dah smpai kampung halaman kuuu!!
One of the raya cookies.. Sory, i forgot the name already.
I anyam this ketupat by myself! tak tipu ok.. haha But after 1 hour baru jadi this ketupat shape. Tp emak ckp 'Err..dina.. senget laa ktupat ni.'
Choc cakes yg belum letak the choc cream lg.. dlm proses nk siap. I only helped on the folding of the cakes' boxes and the delivery to the customers.. hahah