Thursday, January 28, 2010

Im OK, normal.

Im a medium kinda person.
Not fat, not skinny. I exercise one a week, jog a little, walk a little, swim a little.
Nothing to excess, nothing not enough.
Not obsessed, addicted to anything.
Im neither out-going nor shy, but a little of both, depending on mood, depending on the occasion.
I never overdo anything and enjoy most things I do.
I like my job, I dont love it.
Im simple and sweet, not stunning, not ugly.
Dont expect too much.
Im never overwhelmed or under it either - just nicely whelmed.

Im OK, normal.

Ms In-the-process-knowing-herself

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heart You Twitter

How can I not share this to all of you!!!! I cant keep it to myself please. Haha

Minutes after that..

He called me dear! <3>


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Note from Ms Busy

I have so many things to do - iron baju, do laundry, lipat baju, mengemas2 etc. But will update u soon on Adnan Rempit. People, it's SUPER HILARIOUS I LOVE U.

Ms Busy

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kampung Halaman

Hi everyone,

Few days back, a friend of mine did ask how's the feeling (she was seriously wanna know how. I can see that from her eyes) of going back to hometown as hers is in KL.

It took me 2 minutes to think (seriously, thinking and she can see that in my eyes too) to put things in words she'll understand.

I told her how excited I am menyiram pokok2 bunga sambil ayam berkokok2, burung berkecip2, neighbour2 all di sekeliling ada yg menyapu2, ada yg tgh beli sayur drpd org naik van jual brg2 pasar yg datang setiap lorong, ada yg berbasikal and 'Hai ape khabar' kepada semua org, dan angin pun tiup sepoi bahasa and pokok kelapa, pokok mangga, pokok mata kucing and rambutan bergerak2 sangat romatic okayyy.

Told ya, she didnt get me.

So I told her (it's not easy to think in 2 minutes), it was like when u have RM500k voucher to shop which transportation is totally free, and Jude Law offered himself to accompany u and an hour after that, he has a meeting, so Remy Ishak told him he'll be glad to be my shopping partner and we end up having the most yummmyy kebab for dinner. Pheww..
So lebih kurang mcm itu.

She was like 'OMG. Perfect!'

Ms 100%-crap-who-has-a-200%-crap-friend.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving out

Dear all,
I cant help myself but thinking of moving out, every day.

I dont know why.

This is no good.

Ms Uncomfortable.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Updates

Im in the mood of sharing the very random updates of mine:

1)Bye Bye My Old Bling Bling Phone..
My phone alarm rang at 8.45 this morning, but I remembered set it at 6.45!
I replied some text messages, but whenever I typed 'S', 'T' appears.
And I wanted to insert spaces between words, the whole line was deleted. Luckily Hani has a phone she won last few months, so from now onwards, Im using this, which actually make me look so intellectual like whenever people ask me the exchange rate of USD/AUD, I can straight away answer, X.XXX :

Fine. Not yet a blackberry, not yet.

2)New place for a new year

Some friends knew that I am desperately looking for a new place to live, nothing is very wrong with the current one, it's just that, I want some changes this year ahead. N tomorrow Im having an appointment with the agent. I hope everything is ok, as Ive been eye-ing this apartment in Bandar Seri Pemaisuri for quite sometime. Wish me luck, readers!


These are must-watch-movies, people!

Old Dogs = GILO FUNNY. Sherlock Holmes = Thanks, subtitles!

4)I hate u Mitch Albom, Dina usually cry once in 5 years okay!
After finishing Rosie Dunne (by Cecelia Ahern), I need something serious-emotional as I was soooo tired of lauging.
(Omigod. Rosie Dunne is damn funny till u can laugh on every page!! This is the second book that I laugh f-hard after Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella. These two books are simply genius! Love Love!! But I dunno why, I just dun like PS I Love You. Weird.)
And so I read For One More Day (by Mitch Albom). Bad timing. I read that during the week I was unstable (unstable = homesick). A tragic story from the first page till the end, so I hate youuu Mitch Albom! *cried*

5)Lately, Im totally a homesicker

I just received a fowarded email from my father, 'What Type Of Guy You Should Go Out'. Yesterday, he sent 'Unconditional Love Story.' There was once, 'Jiwang'. haha

Last week, on the 1st day of school of 2010 (for those still in school, hehe), that late night, Bapak saya sent sms pada saya 'U were always with T.A.K.U.T' remember?

For those who dont know me in kindegarten and primary: Both my parents will ask me not to say takut whenever nak pi skolah. As everytime I reach school, I will 'Dina takut laa bapak.' 'Emak..Dina takut'. So it took me half an hour to get out from the car, I guess. Till one day my mom was so mad, she scold me not to say takut. The next day, I was thinking what to say besides takut. So I spelled, 'Bapak, Dina T.A.K.U.T.' Then Bapak kata, 'T.A.K.U.T. tak pe. Takut tak boleh'. So I spelled it everyday before went out from car.

[Trust me, everyone was surprised that I survived the 5 yrs in boarding school after that. Me too actually.Muahaha.]

And whenever after my sister hung up the phone call with Emak saya, she'll 'Dina, mak kata jgn pakai ketat ketat. Beli L, bukan S.' *hahaha at the same time, Grrrr.. I tak ketat ok!! haha*

I miss both my parents (yg berada di kampung halaman cintaku n kadang kadang gardening is everything for them) every minutes of my heart beat. Take care pls because Im many miles away from both of u two!! *sob sob* [Told ya, u can call me a homesicker]


Goodnight all. No bye pls. I hate bye-s.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st Jan 10

It was another great weekend spent with close friends, old-friend-but-not-so-close, new friends and the little cute girl, Tiha.

So here are some random pictures on that weekend, not from my camera but, Chet's.
The picnic was a last minute plan, not mine, but Chet's.
When Chet is mentioned, ignore the weather.
As long as we have good food, nice place (seriously nice!!), let's call it a fun-outdoor-picnic-without-shed-and-if-it's-raining-save-your-food-and-run-to-your-car!
Haha, u know Im kidding rite, Mr Chef Chet?
People, that's what actually happened.

The moment we reached, I fell in love with the view and the little manmade beach. Anyway, it's Taman Rekreasi Air Putrajaya, beside the Pullman hotel- if u were thinking of weekend getaway. (Picture before snowing).

That was the hotel. I mean, at the back- in brown, not in pink. Eh idiot nya jokes ini Grade C, sila abaikan.

We were enjoying the food.

Tiha, who thought sausage is a lolly pop, so she licked it. When she realized it was NOT a candy, she came up to me and said 'Tak nak.' Cute. Forgiven.
-me holding Tiha and her lolly pop sausage.
The lamb and the gravy were so nyummy nyummy. And now Im hungry.
As expected, it was raining cats and dogs, hours after that. Thanks to my big handbag, I was the only one having an umbrella, smiling. (Which actually makes me look like Mary Poppins!)Mek macho sahaja. Chet was so stress, u can see his wet green t-shirt there.

Rain rain go away, come again another day..
We saved the lambs and the garlic bread. Yup, the picninc was fun! =D

Friday, January 1, 2010

Helo helo 2010

I always thought Im a tough one. ‘Tough’ here means, Im ok. That ‘ok’ is like.. I-get-over-the-feelings-that-I-kept-for-decades-so-I-hv-no-problem-knowing-u-are-going-out-with-your-gf-I-met-once-and-she-is-pretty-and-nice-so-much-better-than-me-and-me-hv-nothing-against-her-and-to-all-people-of-the-world-im-OKAY-dont-u-all-get-it??!!

Surprisingly I hate my first few hours of 2010, because I wasn’t that tough. My heart beat so fast, my body was aching and trying hard to work with the miserable buzzing brain was such a hard moment and not easy u know.

Me dont jealous, I hope. It's just a self conflict. Sorry all.

I just had a big mug of air suam and actually Im bloated (Siti Nurhaliza says it’s good for skin), a cucumber mask is all over my face now, my fan is on the max level 3, and Im gonna sleep. Phone is on silent mode. Therapy. Im recovering.

Owh sorry. I just looked at the title. So... HAVE A BETTER YEAR AHEAD, people of the world frens! And have a healthy relationship, Dina.

The closest friends of mine until they 'OK-NEXT' me whenever I had the mic. =P

We had extremely major fun last nite. Love love it!