Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Your Bedtime Stories

I think Im no longer the old Dina who loves to write one full story in one post. Ive tried but later, Ill be like wth-I-cant-even-think-of-a-word!! Thus, from now on, Ill combine few stories that I dont mind sharing with u all in one entry ya.

If u think my craps are nonsense, I dont need u either. (Pheww.. thank God.. Some part of me still hasnt change. The-emosional-Dina) For those who feel like reading, here it goes..

Bye Bye Insomnia
I had insomnia for 2 nights. I couldnt sleep. My eyes were closed but my mind was wondering evrywhere at 3am and thinking of the growth of Msia's economy. Wth. Duhh..
Honestly, I didnt know wut was on my mind. But thanksss a zillion to Nurin, your bantal lembut best sgt2 helps me A LOT! She left this at my house.

(Now Im able to sleep after 1 min menutup mata..)
Nurin, the new look of your bantal lembut best tido..

Standing In The Eyes Of The World
As usual, waking up in the morning and knowing that it was Monday is one of the worst things in life that u hv to bear with every week. But when u wake up and Ella's song titled Standing In The Eyes Of The World was on air, it actually motivate u to bangun. Saya suka pagi itu. Thanks Instead on Monday, u'll put ur lipstick as if it was Friday, u'll spray ur perfume as if u're taking half day leave that day. So on that very morning of Monday, I was walking to LRT dgn semangat after that song. Mcm terbyg2 I was running on track for Commonwealth Games dengan slow-motion. Err.. mybe sambil pegang the obor. Ok enough Dina.
So I was hoping the song was something like a good sign for me to start the day. Maybe I'll help an old lady in the train and everyone who saw what happen will stand and clap their hands. Yes, I was hoping for the standing ovasion. -for me, in the train.
Going out at 7.30am, the possibility to have a seat in the train is actually 99.9%. But I dont know what went wrong, the train was so packed and I was STANDING the whole journey to office. I soon realized how the song title is actually a sign. Haha. Im still The-superstitious-Dina. Yup, I dont walk under ladders.

Zainul Bila Nak Balik?
Sorry Zai, I just love to mention ur name in almost all of my entries. Haha. Ok please balik Msia as fast as u can. No thanks to YM and webcam. Ure not helping. I still miss my Zainulku!

Great Weekend!
I had another great weekend with my family. Tell me who the H on earth wont take any pictures when they are with people they love love?! Thanks camera and photoshop. So here is our pic, the Rempit Version. Jangan Pilih Jalan Gelap.

Honest-Dina-Who-Cant-Lie : Nak tgk movie Jgn Pilih Jln Gelap, directed by anak Yusuf Haslam.

Baju Pengantin Yg Cantik
P/s: Im not the one with red shirts nor the one in purple and black.
Im afraid that this is the sign of old age that Im so in love with that yellow + dark grey lace till I snapped this and thought of buying it. Hehe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An update, at last!!

Dear darlings of my life,

Thank you n I feel appreciated! Owh terharu with all the messages asking me to update this.
Ok actually cuma 3 messages je. Haha
But that was enough to make me terharu menitiskan air mata knowing that u all really read my craps.

Zainul n Nad : Ok, aku dah update ni utk both of u! No updates doesnt mean Im depress.. HAHA

MY040239 (Memang ID sebenar) : Ok, no updates doesnt mean aku ada boyfriend. Haha! Pls jgn assume sukahati je pls. ;)

Nissy, Saras n Zura : Baca lah blog ni bila korg nak LLB. Hehe.

Reason sebenar meninggalkan blog sayang was because I have no laptop. Ive given up carrying the one in the office coz berat n tak kuasa dah.

But one day, miracle happened. Since that day, I believe in miracle! lalala

Emak : Dina, nak laptop?
Me : Err.. nak hehe
Emak : Ok.

So my kesygn bapakku bought me this!!
P/s : Emak n bapak, y suddenly? haha Ada sebab lain2 ke? haha
Nway THANKS THANKS!! 10,000x
It's orange Dell. Ok that's all I know..

N that's the original wallpaper yang till now tak tukar lagi.

After like few days, baru lah I know there's a built-in webcam. Thanks Jihan. Otherwise I dont know the purpose of small hole on top there. Mungkin tahu but lambat sikit.

Bagus, boleh snap pics!

Number two was Amani's bridal shower. We really had fun! Congrats Amani!!!! xoxo

Next was my last weekend yg ntah tak tahu nak comment apa but it was so weird that I couldnt hv deep sleep anymore. Ok ni tipu. But weird. DOT.