Saturday, January 31, 2009


Dear Hani n Win, where is my Smurf's t-shirt!?
Yg ringan n senang nk jemur tu..Yg so comfortable smpai leh trtido bila pakai..Yg nipis and tgh hari pun rasa mcm pagi..
Girls, I'm afraid it's in your hostel..
Pls check ye adik2 ku..
Cari punya cari.. guess what i saw yesterday??
The boxes yg mengandungi my treasure, decades ago!!
N rasanya dah 7 tahun tak buka! Haha
Pls jgn ada cicak.

Mak ckp, tak ada siape2 bukak pun.. pheww..

Actually, x ada emas or berlian pun.. only my stuff masa primary n secondary.
I found hundreds of notes2 of birthday wishes etc., stickers sandy lion la.. my series of diary..berjilid2 (annie frank hates me, i know.-nway, i read again everything for hours! Everything was so detail..adoi. sedih ada..funny gila pun ada! damn.. this is soo the magic of diaries! Dah lupa but suddenly sume bleh jd fresh in my mind!!), cards n ntah byk lagi..

Mek, as always, notes dari kau sume berunsurkan nasihat positive! So cute!!!

Shikin, did i wake u up? haha

Ye, saya mengaku saya slalu tido bersama Amani sbb takut, n to wake her up, perlu gerakkan her kaki..

Eeza! aku prnah bertunang ke mase skolah!!?? haha

Girls, these are soo u! hahaha


Aza, comment..

HAHAHAHA Aza, hope u remember this! Kita sgt obses dgn show Survivor n rasa mcm Mark Burnett tu hebat gila. So we played our own Survivor game.
And u gave me this..

Kar, HAHAHA i remember..
Me : Kar.. kau tau tak lagu utk cite Mirror Attack yg dalam bhs melayu?
Kar : Tau. Jap, aku tuliskan the lyrics.

Kar.. Sgt pity.. Only kita berdua tak ada walkman.. HAHA
And ehfnyemfueriop kau compare walkman n the sky!
like WHHAAAT??

Zainul Hidayah..Ape kau dah buat smpai say sorry 3000x????
Why 3000x?? Asal tak 5000!!!
Haha..kes hanger ni kot..kan?

OMG.. Ye eeza.. kau mengarut.. aku cuma boleh disclose the cover shj. HAHA
Sgt gila the isi2..haha

Ateh, I was soo surprised that this leaf, tak reput2.. Kau letak chemicals ape2 ke time klas sains..?

Years ago, i was lalala hehe

Apek, u mentioned 'Dina cute' here..
Thanks Apek, sorry Azie..

Pesot, OMG.. kau tulis 'Dah sampai masa kita menjadi dewasa'
HAHA..serius ke ni kau..?! sign lg tu hah.. hahaha

Chet, Im still figuring out wut u wrote..
Your handwriting is ssoo-doctor-type.
(which i tot u gonna be one, one day, bukan auditor)

Kar, note apa ni.. kau guna resit Tai Kuang Mahkota Parade!
Kau tulis.. 'Apekah faktor kesatuan umat?' and
u really wrote 'Fei Mau Forever'
Hoii aku tak suka Fei Mau! Estee yg suka!

Ye AZA, everyone knows ure so into Beautiful Life..

Lyana, asal kita ni ckp kita-awak!? utfcviwyftwkfy

Sorry lah if ada any secrets here. If ada pun, tak snggup nak baca okay. Pening.
Ini Idayu gave me!

P/s : Hani n win. Akak igt lagi. Check your lockers, pls.Thanks.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Zainul Hidayah Turns 20

happy birthday!
yang ke..
2o tahun.. (shuushh)

Err..since both of us hate this pics..
Jadi ive made it censored.
Buruk cam tahap burung n harimau!
Unfortunately, pic ni je yang ada..
Owh.. n a cake especially for u!!!
I know u gonna love it!!

Happy Birthday ZenJelita!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cute Conversation

Having flu and have to go to work really make me miserable. I was so uncomfortable until I went to ladies every minute of the day, tissues were my bestfriend and I was unable to talk. Coz later, I was afraid that others can hear my voice yg mcm ape ntah itu. N so I didn’t talk to anyone for the whole day.

But ooppss.. I laughed hard on the emails sent by my friends, as if Muntazer al-Zaidi's shoes btul2 kena Bush's head or Ehud Olmert has to sing MJ's thriller and he's so nervous that he pee on stage. Ok.. im so Jim Carrey's jokes now. Forget it..

Thanks for the emails, otherwise i dun see the point of staring at the screen dgn office yg tgh lengang ni.. Semua nak cuti..ish limau tak habis2 kot..

From AZA (i make it capital letter so kau tak rase kau pupus, Bonita),
People, pls read..

At least he knows what expand means..hahah..

From Farah

Pesot, prnah jumpa tak this snacks?? hahha hahah

Mek, dun tell me kau pernah guna while u were in Japan dulu.. ahahh

Wow..that party!!?? Korg pernah pi ke? hahha

Owh helo people, this is soo not my main story..
Ok, back to my flu-tissue-washroom points… n to remind u, the title is Cute conversation..

Ok, fyi..I need to pass by the lift on my way to the washroom. Dgn muka yg serius shit, I bet so serabut, terserempak la pulak with the en.congkak-1st game we play together2-wearing ring tu..

Me : Say nothing
En congkak : Hai.. baru baik demam ke?
Me : (Howw the H does he know this?) Eh Hai.. A ah.. Hehe.. cmne tau?
(shit..suara sengau Harun Salim Bachik ‘tahot’ dah kedengaran)
En congkak : sbb suara u lain..hehe
Me : (blur but senyum semangat) Ooo ok..hehe c ya
(eh..since when u hear my voice??..ok cute.. Cute nyaaaa this conversation!!!!
ok..jgn lupa. He got that ring..dun worry, NOTED)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When Israelis said 'Well Done' to each other

I had fever last week and due to not having enough rest, im suffering the saki baki of pening2 lalat today and merungut a bit.. After having 2 panadols in the afternoon, I made sure that I slept for few hrs, with my favourite pillow and my cooling blanket (yg Nurin tak suka tu), so that i have good n deep sleep. Merungut lagi.. sbb bunyi mercun Kong He Kong He.. Selepas itu.. ZzzZZ

Then I read papers after my dinner, and I regretted for merungut sbb pening n merungut sbb bising. And the fact that I was pampered with nice pilows n blankets made me hate myself.. Knpe lah tak imagine how the Hamas suffered..

In today's paper..

Many of the victims in Gaza are suffering the white phosphorus burnt. This happened as the rocket which contained that dangerous chemicals fired to people, or so called human in Gaza. The affect of that burnt was undefine, and after knowing about it, i just couldnt see the pics. ;(

I read today, and if u didnt, let me tell u.

The burnt will take off the victims' skin and the pain will spread to the bone. Some of the doctors claimed that, the burning pain is only the beginning.. it eat up the flesh, sink down to the bone and had to face with the unbearable itch. Unfortunately, they do not hv enough medicine. Besides, just in 10 months of the phosphorus attacks, it can develop cancer on the burnt areas.

That bloody Israelis, fired the rockets with this chemicals to people which are mostly women and kids, again, KIDS! Eventhough some 'lucky' Hamas were not killed, they still suffering the burnt, the wounded skins, the 95% possibility of having cancer in few months n the hurts of lost of their loved ones too..

And yes, my cousin just sent me another email, that I wish I didnt read..

Do you really know ONE of the ways used by the Israelis to kill the kids in Gaza?

Many kids were fired, regardless whether the kids remind them of theirs at home. They shot them and when the parents attempted to rush to the rescue of their kids, who fell to the ground amid a pool of blood, rains of Israeli bullets kept the family a distance from their dying kids. The Israeli then released their dogs at the bodies. The Israelis just released their dogs, as even they have not done enough. They chased the family and prevented them from reaching to her body, knowing that the dogs would eat it..
Thank God.. no photos of this unthinkable moment.

Hell to Israelis.

Wow..saya version garang.
Eh serius shit, Im serious now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cuti Cuti Melaka

Our visits to Malacca was like 'alang-alang menyeluk perkasam' trip. The actual idea is to Japan/Indonesia/Australia hahaha
But some/most of us fall into one of these :

A) Tak ada passport
B) Tak ada duit
C) Ada passport tapi tak ada duit
D) Ada duit tapi tak ada passport
So let's enjoy the pics yg we/I kinda perasan that we're the host of 'Destinasi Budget'

Jonker Street...

Having ABC at one of the stalls in Jonker Walk..
And while having the ABC, we saw a group of young cameraman yg their cameras yg hitam macho amat tu. Jumpa again kat Staydhyus (Ill check again my spelling haha) and they said 'Hai'. Ok.. we were so blur.. jadi we only smiled.
Ok, Dear Cameraman (the whole group) in case u read this (OMG girls..ok..korg punya idea)
We.. 'hai' back HAHA

The Stadhyus..

I hope that my dream will come true one day.. Which is to visit (yes, since i fall into one of the categories mentioned above haha)... err..byk.. so here goes the list..
1) Aquaria KLCC
2) Naik boat kt Mines
3) Langkawi
4) Pulau Pinang dan jalan2 cari makan
5) Pulau Perhentian
6) Sg Congkak
7) Sunset di tepi pantai (I loveeee beaches!!)
8) Sawah padi (sambil survey tanah utk buat rumah tepi sawah)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alternative lain

Knape pics yg cantik, clear, bila upload kt sini, jadi jadi x clear!!!!!!!!!!
Camne nak wat flickr ni???!!!!!
Sbb tu ada 4 entries in a day okay.
Hani, take note.

KYSM Jan 2009 - Part 3

Our investigation and photo shooting (hahha) diteruskan to sports complex...
On the way there, we noticed that 2 blocks of teachers' apartments were empty..

And surprisingly, our track juga was not maintain!!

Sgt teruk the rosak2 tu. We heard that during sports day pun dah tak guna this track. OMG. We just couldnt imagine how..

Tapi we still wanna run like we used to.. (duh..tak kuasa..)

Nak turun at the swimming pool, but ada pak guard n malas lah.

Buruk mcm mane pun, I'll always miss the good old days.


(KYSM taken at 1997)