Thursday, September 16, 2010

The best title I can give is : Ramadhan and Raya Updates

Sometimes, I do blame Twitter and Facebook that I almost forgot that I have a blog! haha

How r u all peeps? Apart from busy attending open house invitations, hows life treating u? Mine is fine and good. Hmm.. how shoud i start this..

My Ramadhan went well just like yours, alhamdulillah. And the last week of the fasting month, I moved to a new apartment in Ampang. It was a 3 storeys of town house, and can u imagine, we were carrying the stuff using the stairs in a bright shiny afternoon. Too excited i guess, none of us fainted.

With 3 bedrooms and nice view from the kitchen (haha), me like it.

This puasa, didnt miss the tradition - raya shopping (Ampang Park, Jln TAR, Msjid India and Maju Junction) and breaking fast with the girls love love, but surprisingly no photos taken (at all!!) since we think we are too old for that. Haha. It's weird that i actually brought the camera, tapi tak snap apa pun, unlike those days. Haha. Kinda regret because photos are always important to me! Shitty.

You know what, I feel like Im Bella in Twilight New Moon. After Edward left her, she's kinda dying (ok, in my case, I.. err.. floating). And Bella has no idea how to see him but deep in her, she feels the connection and hates the fact that he's everywhere. Ok wow. Yes Bella, same goes to me. Ok double wow. Hehe.
One day, when my very own version of Edward (ok I heard u said eeeuw, but this is really my Twilight story!!) suddenly called, waking me up for sahur etc., i thought i was dreaming -until i checked the phone calls history in my mobile for dozens of time after that. How lah to hate this Edward.

So there goes my favourite Ramadhan. :) :) :)

My raya was just a weekend raya. Didnt take any leave, so went back hometown on the late afternoon of that Thursday. And on the 3rd raya, I was already in KL. Raya guests were still the same. Some pleasant and nice, some just listen and most brag.

Selamat Hari Raya again evryone!