Wednesday, February 25, 2009


One day in the Hospital Muar,
After spending almost half an hour searching for a parking space with emak,
Dah rimas macam nak ckp dgn mak, jom kita balik je lah..
I saw this!!!

Luckily I brought oranges for my uncle whom i visited, and not eggs.
(Ok, I know, no one will bring eggs to hospitals tapi ini perumpamaan shj)
If only those in my plastic bag were telur, ill pecahkan one to the front mirror (ok..18SG) with a note..
Dear Driver,
Pls jgn drive.
Since you cant even see the lines. Apatah lagi traffic lights.
All you have to do is take a bus/cab/train and renew you license every year.
Like me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pengaruh Kami

We wanted to test how far is our pengaruh.
So we invited many to this-is-our-idea-n-bukan-org-lain weekend activity.
But only 4 turned up.
Actually if exclude us, only TWO turned up.
Thus Karina n I conclude that we are so not berpengaruh.
The combination of me and Karina as the organizer was super fail.

I hate the wallpaper, n so i make this black n white.
Aza, Karina n Petty know why.
But you dont.
Tu laaa lain kali dtg!!
Sayang, eh eh.. kwn2, mari lah tgk Sayang You Can Dance
Tak kira lah berpengaruh or tak.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Was Tagged

Sarey tagged me this.
WOE (WHAT on earth) is this..? I hv no idea..
Maybe any 25 things u feel like typing n dont mind ppl to know.. So here it goes..

1) Whenever I go out on Saturday, Ill make sure that I reach home before 9.15 pm. Ill convince my friends that I have some things to settle at home, which actually I just wanna get ready and make myself comfortable on the couch, to watch Cerekarama series which starts at 10pm..

2) People were so amazed that I didn’t cry watching I Am Sam. N I told them that my tears are priceless. But few saw that my so-called priceless tears dropped on Pondok Buruk 1, Selamat Hari Jadi Su 1-3, Free Willy 2 and Stairway To Heaven..

3) I was a big fan of Sidi Oraza and Aamir Khan..

4) I always think that Jerry is so bad that he makes Tom looks bad. Because Jerry was usually the one who start the fight. So, I hate Jerry..

5) Even though I prefer Tom than Jerry, Im afraid of cats..

6) I talked so much during my primary school days. One day when I was in std 1, I told Pn Lee di Bilik Guru ‘Pn Lee!! Tgk tu, NJ tak beratur nak pergi canteen. Pn Lee ‘Ok, nnti after rehat, saya marah dia.’ So I told NJ immediately after that di canteen ‘NJ, tadi Pn. Lee bitau kite, die nak marah awak. Sbb awak tak beratur tadi.’ To my surprised, NJ cried. Too nervous, I cried too and she stopped first. Bfbcwiurctwc I tried to forget this but tak boleh, ok I think NJ cursed me starting that day, so that this thing yg very memalukan keep haunting me.

7) If u ask me top 5 shopping heaven, ill say Jusco, Ampang Park, Sogo, Maju Junction and PKNS Shah Alam..

8) I love taking pictures and.. being snapped..

9) Thus, I love my camera so very much..

10) Im not as ambitious as others. And never in my mind to be the CEO of any organizations, neither the head of my audit department. But if there is any offer for the President of PTA (Parents Teacher Association), Ill definitely say YES, URE SO NOT GONNA REGRET FOR CHOOSING ME..

11) Like almost 2 yrs working I think I have rough ideas what I wanna do in the future. Im not letting myself having a job that I hv to stay late in the office. No work on weekends. So to ensure I hv enough time with my kids. I wanna be the one who wrap their text books, write their names on it, just like my father did, bake cakes, sandwiches, cookies so that they can bring them to school on their birthdays like wut my mom buat, attend their sports day event like wut my aunties did and send and fetch them from school like my uncles did..

12) Eh asal detail sgt ni. Ok, ignore no. 11 please.

13) I hv this one senior told me, ‘Many ppl said I look like my bf and they said my bf is cute.’ Tak suka dgn statement tersirat yg nak ckp dia ni comel, I hate her and I already blackBOLDlisted her. So OFF her!!

14) When I was in school, K.Izy sort of forced me to join the 1500m track event to teman her. Dia tak nak lari sorg2. WOE (WHY on earth) did I say OKAY, Im still not sure. So on that day, my friends cheered for me as if I lead. Damn it.. K Izy got the 1st place and I got 2nd last. Tapi saya tak blacklist K.Izy..

15) Kenapa semua org suka Yuna??

16) Last week, my father sent a text message ‘Girls, I just read ur blog. Im so proud of u girls!! Mak pun baca.’ Hahaha, ok jadi telah motivate me to have another hobbies selain siram pokok, kemas rumah n cuci toilet which is to write!write! wpun tertanya2 knapa proud!? My entries were so factless n full of craps. Thanks much much parents ku yg positif utk saya apa apa pun terjadi!! xxx

17) Owh yup, Im addicted to Renjis (Season 1 n 2..Bila nk 3??) and Greys Anatomy (semua season).

18) Strangers, don’t u ever touch me purposely, even with your 2 fingers. Coz Ill shout!

19) On the 1st week of my class in UiTM Segamat, everyone was like strangers to me. Sape ni?? Takutnya! Then I remembered I went to ladies n on the way back to class, one guy was staring at me like I wore only the baju kurung without the kain. Unsatisfied with that, I went straight to him.. ‘Knapa kau pandang aku mcm tu ye?’ ‘Woooo.. kau prempuan 1st yg siap tegur bila aku tgk..Nama sape? Kita ni classmate’ ‘Dina’ Starting that moment, not everyone were strangers. Yeay saya ada kawan!! What an odd intro..

20) I was once caught meniru (semua org meniru tapi saya tk pasti knape saya je kene brainwash after that!! I knew she saw others were copying too) during test (test je! Bukan final exam pun!!) di UiTM. Sgt tidak puas hati, after kene sound like whatt, I didn’t say sorry to the lecturer.. (which I regret) But ‘Kenapa saya je yg kena? Semua org tu tiru. Knapa puan tak panggil pun diorg?’. Regretted. Tp I didn’t see the keadilan di situ. Wpun saya salah juga. Hehe

21) Tadi saya vouching 25 samples n I almost fainted.

22) I miss Heath Ledger

23) Tadi saya masuk ofis PwC. Untuk apa? Rahsia… HeHe

24) I think this entry’s title should be ‘Can You Keep A Secret.’

25) So, keep these to yourself ya. Don’t let others know the 25 secret facts about me. Haha

And WOE (WHY on earth) do I tag them..??
I hv no idea..

(Ju n Lely, Sarey tagged u too!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lucky The Musical

On the Vendetta Day, I went out to see how Malaysians celebrate it. I wanna see if there are any guys who propose their girlfrens in the middle of org ramai and bend his knees with a rose n a ring. And I’ll ‘HOOII BOOO!’ kat tepi itu. Ha Ha *go away evil me*

I saw couples were hugging each other, some wearing same colours shirts and some with t-shirt yg sambung2. Like if ada pic basikal on the t-shirt, the guy was wearing basikal yg depan part and yg the girlfren pulak basikal back part. So bila jalan rapat2, the basikal bersambung and bercantum. Jadilah the full basikal. Pls imagine people!! Ok thanks.

N my outing was with the 3 girlfriends. 1st – married but the husband wasn’t around for few weeks. 2nd – tgh gaduh dgn the bf that she was on phone for hours. 3rd – was soo busy2 nak beli brg utk kawen. What a combination..So four of us went out together with different colours, different shirts n no picture of bicycle on it.

After few hours at Jusco (Yup, Jusco), Eeza (Yes, Eeza) was queuing at the cashier to pay and I was looking around for anything I can buy n surrounded with couples who were having their love-love-you-jump-i-jump time. Suddenly LUCKY by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliet was on air. Ok..

Bila ‘ Do you hear me.. Im talking to you..’ started, I was surprised that besides Jason’s voice, I heard like dozens at the back. Eh.. version apa nih. Ok, super amazed that all (Yes, all) around me was singing together (Tak tipu, together ok!), like a group of choir bleh di bentuk as at that moment n mungkin ahli nya terlebih the limit. Annoyed by that, I terus to Eeza yg masih beratur panjang kat cashier and ‘Eeii Eeza.. semua kat area aku tgh having their own musical show okayy. Kira Lucky ni lagu cinta diorg la.. Pleaseeelah..Semua laa nak nyanyi’ ‘Shhhuussshhhhh’ ‘Kenapa?? Knapa??’ Owh, the couple blakang Eeza pun tgh nyanyi dgn semngat that they thought we were in the Red-Box..

So yup, we watched live and free musical show (Janji, mcm Lucky The Musical). We called it Jusco-Mama-Mia. Mcm boleh n so logic that they make two lines, yg pendek depan, yg tinggi kt blakang, n nyanyi sama2 that Lucky song. Part Mraz, biar the bf and gf on Colbie’s, dgn action skali.

Emosional tak tentu arah - eeeii asal nk kene buat musical ni!!, I deleted that song from my handphone. HeHe

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I remember watching Beauty & The Beast The Musical and I made this to myself – THAT’S IT AND NO MORE TEATER!! The seat was so comfortable that I fall asleep after 15 mins the show started. I woke up during the intermission, went to ladies, snapped some pics there with my friends.. (uploaded in Facebook)–regardless of the kesembapan muka, went into the hall, and again BOOOFFff, I slept.. Later all I heard was ‘Dina.. bangun..dah abes.. jom balik.’ Wth.

Few months later, Mek asked me to join the PGL on the 8th and I wasn’t really keen to that at first. Bcos I prefer to enjoy the fireflies or some picnics and watch people with their kites, with the sounds of the chirping birds.. bla bla bla.
And..Im NOT sure what makes me said ‘Oklah..’ and so we really bought the tickets.

Had no idea what the PGL was about (except for it stands for Puteri Gunung Ledang and the puteri is Tiara Jacqlina- ok, rupanya I don’t know how to spell her name) , I told this to a friend of mine..

Me : Alaaa.. aku terus tgk PGL Season III.. Confirmmm aku tak faham ape2 pasni since I missed the 1st and 2nd season.
Kwn saya : Errk.... this isnt the LOTR series laa weii. The only thing changed in PGL III are the props!
Me : OOOWH! Ok..faham..

So, after singing the national anthem, I was so excited that the seat was much more comfortable than b4 and the hall was great. Great hall!!
And I didn’t expect much on the show..


The show was SSSSUUUUHHHUUUPPEERRRHHEEERB! (now I feel like crying)

The moment the curtain opened, the props was soo breathtaking that I couldn’t even breath. Eh tipu gila. The backdrop was set against the kingdom of Majapahit in ancient Jawa and the Sultanate of Malacca in the 15th century n yess..magic! Sgt cantik.

I dont know u, but seriously, I fall in love with all the songs of PGL and if there is any soundtrack recorded, Ill be the first to buy. Or maybe Ill download. Haha
Saya suka AC Mizal and now lebih suka. His voice was superb. Lebih bagus dari lagu Fiona, i tell u. Saya tak berperasaan to Adlin Aman Ramli b4 but hari ini dah suka that he was so good as the Sultan Mahmud, he sang (ok, biasa je) and he danced! (I really like like like this). Tiara J (still dunno the spelling) pun now I like. Stephen Rahman pula OMG OMG (sbenarnye I dont like good-looking guys but he's exceptional) his voice was like 'cintaaa kuu pada muuu selamaanyaaa' (bygkan suara best nya Stephen smbil nyanyi vibrato2) But i think his baju Melayu tu a bit too tight. Smpai mcm ishh-apa-ni-baju-ketat2- mak-ckp-jgn-pakai. And few last scenes, he was wearing sleeveless baju laksamana. Looking at his arms, oo ok..patut laa baju td ketat.

(One of my favourite scenes)

Again, semua scenes mmg menyentuh hati dan perasaan (Ye, sangat). Looking at Tiara J on top of Gun. Ledang, I feel like mendaki Gun. Ledang lagi. Watching at Adlin's step, my feet were tap tap too. And see how the props bertukar2, I was stunned.
So 4.8 stars out of 5 for PGL!.. 0.2 tu sbb there was a technical prob that we had to wait for few minutes during the nenek kebayan nye part. Hi Hi

And the most important were the para pendaki Gunung Ledang pada tahun 2000..

To Tiara J, AC, Adlin n Stephen, if only u read this.. (Ripley's, Believe Or Not!!) err.. the pujian in this entry is saya ikhlas.. no prob..n Ill be glad for a free ticket..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Okay, mak.

Tadi mak pesan b4 she went back to my hometown sayang,

Jgn lupa cuci baju (Ok, mak)
Lepas tu sidai baju (Ok, mak)
Jgn homesick (Hmm..ok, mak)
Jgn tak makan (Tak pernah, mak)
Tak payah diet2, nnti pengsan (Tak pernah smpai pengsan, mak)
Before tido check pintu mesti kunci (Ok, mak)
Kerja betul2 (Ok, mak)
Jgn gaduh dgn org (Tak pernah, mak)
Jgn garang2 dgn org (Tak pernah juge, mak)
Jgn keluar dgn boyfriend org (Tak pernah n tak nak, mak)
Jgn hisap rokok (hahahha..whattt?? Ye, ok, mak)
Jgn pakai ketat2 (Ok, mak)

Ok, tu je ke mak? Boleh diteruskan if ada lagi.. hihi
Hehe ok, tu je. See u, Dina. Bye!
Bye mak.
Minutes later..
TingTing (bunyi message kat handphone)
Dalam hati ' Yes!!! Another birthday wish??'
Sender : Emak
Oh ye Dina, lupa nak ckp tadi. Malam2 jgn keluar pergi disko tau. Bye.
Haha Mak, me memang sudah love you forever.
Ok, Dina tak pergi disco, mak.

Happy February!

Celebrating your birthday alone at home isnt so big deal to me, but Mek never never agree on that, so she came all the way to Ampang from Sg. Long, with a birthday cake!
love u lots and lots - u knew this

And ignore our tudung style. We call it mcm-towel-dibalut-dikepala-ahh-tak-kisah-asalkan-amik-gambar style. Sila jgn tiru style ini. Err..obviously u wont! Ha Ha

And the next day, my love love of my life dtg KL sbb nak naik LRT. N i got another one birthday cake! hihi.. Sbb tak sabar nk potong, i cut b4 snap the pic. ish..

And took more and more pics, as usual...

(Err..tak masuk pun aquaria.. cuma nk pose kat ikan and background yg same kaler dgn baju sahaja)

Yup, we took a train to Ampang Park yg saya suka tu. We were happy - yeay dpt naik train together! Haha

Happy February ppl!

P/S : Thank you friends for all the birthday wishes!! xoxo and those who hv forgotten, GGGrrrrr..!!

(N Im listening to Eyelash - Juliet The Orange. )