Monday, September 28, 2009

3rd Day Raya

On my 3rd day of Raya, Zura, Shek and Adah came over to my house. I was so happyyyy after not seeing all of them for ages!
(But Zura tu exceptional lah. haha We were officemates few months back)
I really hope that next year all of us can meet up again dengan Syedot and Faiz too.
Tell me how can I not to take pictures with all of them who were all the way from Batu Pahat Johor. I was so touched wokeys. Hehe

Bersalaman di Hari Raya ke 3.
Girls, thanks a lot for coming!


Raya Raya 1430H

Looking at how frequent most of us are using the internet and advance gadgets, I was actually quite surprised on how those technologies effecting our Raya nowadays. By the 2nd day of Raya, most of my friends (including my sisters!! hehe) have already uploaded the Raya pictures in the Facebook. People can simply checking out each others' baju raya and cisss..tak boleh nak rahsia2 haha. I think, it's amazing!
Utk tak ketinggalan with the IT world, saya pun snap juga some raya pics.

The first pic di pagi Hari Raya before bertolak to Arwah Yaii's house.

At Yaii's house.

Tgh2 itu ialah Bik Kaseh yg dlm team memasak masakan Hari Raya. Hehe Baju gold yellowish itu ialah Jihan. heheAs usual, whenever we were ready with a camera for more pose (with props) Emak cakap 'Tak mahu la.' So here are the pictures with only the very 4 of us..Trying hard to show that we are not sepet.

I hope it's not too late for me to wish all and everyone of u a Happy Hari Raya.

Maaf Zahir dan Batin


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Balik Kampung

The night before I went back hometown for Raya, only God knows how hard I tried to sleep. Too excited to go back, it took me 3 hours of packing as I was unable to decide tudung mana nak bawa balik kampung n couldnt stop belek-belek the kuih raya yg comel2 tu. hehe

On that day, my cousin promised to fetched me around 11. But I was 100% ready by 9.30 am. haha So I managed to take some pictures sebab tak tahu nak buat apa lagi while waiting.
(Bukan alasan hehe)

Alhamdulillah we managed to reach Muar few hours before berbuka. As usual, after breaking fast, me and my sisters ber-photo shooting di lorong kesayangan kami.

Lorong Bunga, we love you!!

And Bapak, WE LOVE YOU MORE! Sbb bagi idea utk pose. Hahaha

-Selamat Hari Raya!-

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Suka Suka Monyet

Saya rasa semua org yg pergi sekolah dari Darjah 1 to Form 5, mesti ada cinta monyet suka diam diam tak nak si monyet tahu cuma kwn rapat jer tahu n kwn rapat akan dgr cerita saya setiap hari about monyet 1 senyum kat saya or monyet 2 ckp hai or monyet 3 pinjam pencil regardless kwn rapat tu actually nak dgr ke tak or dah malas nk dgr tp saya nak cerita jugak n lepastu cerita dgn semangat, happy n perasan.
But that was a LONGGG time ago in school.
Surprisingly, mcm tu la my feelings after attending my school reunion last weekend.
Cant u see that i cant even stop typing?! Coz i am so happy!! hehehe

Ok, semua org mmg ada suka suka monyet di sekolah.
Kalau tak 1, mesti 3.
And..err..I had 3.

This story has nothing to do with the 1st and the 3rd m..
Last weekend I attended berbuka puasa with my schoolmates.
Suka suka monyet no.2 pun ada.
I ended up semangat, happy and perasan.
~la la la la~
Susah nak jumpa. The last time we met was few months back.
After some comfortable chats, updates n jokes with no.2, i was and still SSM!! (suka suka monyet)

Sorry readers that u all really hv to bear with me, like my girlfriends always did.
Tak nak dgr tapi terpaksa dgr the few lines of me yg sgt semangat, happy and perasan ni.
Ok, lepas ni tak akan ada cerita mcm ni lagi.

Here are some photos during the iftar, ambil dari Teddy. I'll update those from my camera later.
Pls dont try to spot my suka suka monyet in the pics. Huhu

And thumbs up to Chet who organised this.
Kalau ada 5 bintang, saya bagi 5.
Bukan sbb my craps just now wokey. Haha
The dinner was simple and yet we had so much fun.
Do hope for another iftar-ing next year, Insya Allah.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What A Small World

If u remember (it's ok if u dont), there was one of my entries on my Malacca trip with the girls. It was somewhere in January.Actually there's a story behind it. Err.. takde laa story sgt. Haha But we realized that it is a very small world after all.

On that hot afternoon in Malacca, we had fun in Jonker street, Stadhuys etc -had ABC, jalan2 and took pictures here and there. N later, we saw a group of young photographers that menarik perhatian kami semua macam 'Eh comel comel.' 'Eh camera diorg macho nya!!' (camera je yg macho)

Tapi bukan nak perasan-tan, dari jauh..
yg tgh serabai, bersweat n buruks tu! hahaha

To be honest, we took pics of them too. It wasnt that easy sbb mcm afraid that it's obvious. At least we tried.. hahah

Back to our story, the next day, me and Aza decided to google for the pics. Hoping that they upload in the internet. So we tried :

1) Gambar Bandar Melaka
2) Gambar Melaka Bersejarah
3) Jonker Street pictures
4) Delicious ABC in Jonker Street pictures
5) Girls di Bandar Melaka pictures
6) Perempuan di Bandar Melaka pictures
7) Bandar Hang Tuah pictures

But tak ada...

As time past by, we almost forget about that stupid story. Malas dah nak tahu n investigate siapa the photographers n we were no longer interested to see our candid pics.
But few months later..I received a call from Aza..

Excited 1 : 'DINAAA!! Guess what. One of the photographers is my fren's fren. Diorg ckp ada pics of us!!'

Excited 2 : 'Seriioussss??!! Wowww ok.. yeayyy..JOMMM TGK!!!!'

So he gave us a link to that pic. Please imagine how excited I was. Mcam it's miracle!Lalala Like we can be friends with the photographers (yeayy) and boleh la tgk the pic yg we were searching like what (yeayy too). Hoping for a great candid photo, that worth their complicated cameras with the lenses and all.

But all I got was this..

(I was the one in PINK t-shirt. Ok. Shuushh)


(Nway, this is the same pic but from my camera)