Sunday, November 30, 2008


This is my blog.
So I can write what I want.

Im shrinking.

Im tired.


Bile terasa ada one very small tiny dot of ditipu, it brings millions dots of hurts.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

forgive n forget

Everytime my frens tell me they r not ok that they hurt inside, I'll say - just 'Forgive and Forget'.

Later, I really put myself in their shoes, I ask them to FORGIVE, so that they can move on n feeling better. Besides, if we forgive easily, we're forgiven as well - by Him.

Then I want them to FORGET everything they went through. Try to let them go and start with new things. When one of them ask how? Ill say, let the sad feelings flow in u only a day. Jgn sampai esok. Make urself busy like jumpa ur fav frens etc n put away everything that makes u sad like songs n pics. And I promise, everything will be okay 2morrow.

They said thanks, n I think I'm their doctor love. (hehe..sory ppl..I shudnt hv say that)

One day, I let myself think whether wut ive said is true?

Surprisingly, it's not as easy as i thought.
U really can forgive..but keep asking urself why they did that?
So u really think uve forgive on that?
Thus, STOP ASKING urself. Slowly, ull forgive.

To forget?
The hardest thing i suppose..
If Ive simply told u to throw away everything in ur mind n make urself busy, let me add one more, keep on praying that ure able to forget darlings! He will help. I remember Will Smith in Men In Black. He got one tool - looks like a pen that when u touch it in ur head, click the button, ull forget wutever u want to forget. If the magic pen are sold in the hyper market, ill buy dozens! Yup, i just knew that to forget is so hard. My fav perumpamaan, as hard as the batu2 on top of Mount Kinabalu!

Sorry frens, Im no longer ur doctor love.
I shudnt have advice u all earlier.

Nway, I regretted that I put my blog's title as 'Life's Like That'.. Coz all this while, anything happen n not as wut I expected, I simply put it this way, 'It's ok.. life's like that..'
But this time, i tried to.
But some things r never as simple as I thought.


This one whole week, i played congkak for the inter - dept game.
Pls, sudah traumatised with the marbles sound into each hole of congkak..


Me : Afiq!! aku kene main congkak pasni..Takutlah if congkak tu berhantu. HAHA
Afiq : Haha.. ok laa main 'Congkak'..drpd main 'Senario The Movie' haha
Me : OMG.. haha ok2 aku nak pi main 'Congkak'.. Nasib baik aku x main 'Antoo Fighters'

(Kar, kau je leh faham this type of jokes - Gred C)

1st day
Partner lwn : A guy in mid 20s.. duhh.. mybe younger.. Smbil bermain congkak, I saw cincin on him.. ok.. MARRIED!
Everyone knows that, that was the 1st time I played congkak. Know nothing on the rules, tembak ke.. tikam ke.. bomb ke.. i had know idea! (The last time I played was on 1991)
But I was lucky, I won both games. (Each day ade 2 games)

2nd day
Some mates call me 'congkak queen'.. Big HAHA
Partner lwn : A guy in late 30s.. Senyap n senyum je.. In every step during the game, he really think, as if he's playing chess.
Thus, I lost both games.

3rd day
Partner lwn : Chinese guy in late 40s.
So i was soo confident that i can win.
Surprisingly, he knows every rules. N he taught me some congkak tips!
He won for both..

4th day
Partner lwn : My batchmate
I was hentam je main..just like the previous days. Hoping for any Thursday luck.
Mane nak amik eh.. ok ok.. yg ni.. eh tak jd la.. lubang ni laa..

Batch mate (dgn muka serius n stress): Aiyyoo... Cannot maa like this.. if uve touched this, just take.. cannot change one..
(Menggelabah lak minah ni)
Me : Eh girl, y so serious? U know this one is congkak rite? Not audit report rite? Chill laa.. Haha Giler u stress y??
(Pakcik die sekeliling gelak2.. Mungkin dlm hati dah mengutuk aku kot.. ya wutever! Sape yg menggelabah dulu)

N yes, there was a Thursday luck. I won both. Ish.. I saw a depress face there.. ntah pape..
Helo. Bukannye represent state ok!

After that, while I was packing to go back, the chief of that interdept game,

Chief : Eh ur team takde sape playing dam haji. U play can or not?
Me : Err.. but dun know how to play la..
Chief.. It's ok.. U'll lawan me.. I beat u, than i teach u
Me : hahah teach first or beat first??
Chief : beat first hahah

During the game..
Ive been asking this more than 5 times..
Me : Is it my turn now?
Chief : YES DEAR

I lost on the 1st game..
Before the 2nd game started..
Me : Chief, let's make this time the no-need-to-think-dam-haji
Chief : Ok, dun think.. we just move the dams ok? Make it fast.

And during the game. i kept saying 'i didnt think just now.. so can u pls move any?? U think too much'

As he used the whole part of the brain cells, he won both games.

5th day
Me : Ppl, I cant play today.. Im going back to hmetown..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

when the other 80% is not working

Date : 25 Nov 08
Time : 2.30 pm
Status of the brain : Slow
% of brain cell that is still functioning : 20%
Recommendation : Tgkl blk pics2 kat pendrive itu

Looking back at all the pics, I realized that I miss all of them in the pics, the mood we had n the laughter we shared..

Nak jumpe kamu semuaa! Yes, u ppl, who makes me feels like crying now..
(Ignore me yg tgh emosional di satu tgh hari yg panas)

I really DONT MIND..

  • if I hve to spend my whole 8am to the next day's 10am for the purposeless trip from Curve - Putrajaya - Bkt Ampang
  • if I have to beratur panjang giler for the brbuka puasa n later I only ate the chickens

  • if I have to dgr kutukan alas meja which I think cantik je..

  • when u send me ur daily sms, reminding ME, YOUR wedding countdown (HAPPY BRTHDAYYYY AZIE KUU!! n yes, SLAMAT PENGANTIN BARUU GEDIKS KU)

  • or have to listen ur every-minute of ur-most-annoying Q , 'Dina, kau rase die ade gf n suke aku tak??' which later I almost yell 'Tanye je laaaaaa pls'

  • or answer your call which I think it's an emergency call (coz i missed 4 of ur calls, a min b4) but later I heard 'Dina, tau tak, prempuan depan ni pkai baju merah giler, ok tu je aku nk ckp.' 'wtf'

  • or have to listen to ur gf/bf's story from Aa (i) to Zz(iv)

  • if we have to go to class again by Rapid KL bus
  • or have to attend ur uncle's kenduri, i dunno where's the hse n sesat

  • or hv to spend for hours in a small, no air-cond n packed room just for a PAK MUSTAPE song!

  • no hard feelings dah.. after inviting about 11 ppl for my last lunch in Sentral, but only 5 turned up! haha

  • or have to tahan sakit perut at ur jokes

  • or u called me without any words, but ur giggles

  • or have to cross that busy road again

  • or semangat send u off, but tak msg pun when ure in Msia

  • calling me full of lame excuses

  • or have to play again that 'Rantai n Cincin Emas' -pls..jgn rudibad lagi hahah

  • or u hv changed a lot, till I call u 'Cik Before n After'

Yang penting.. nak the memories again!

So, the 5% of the pics yg menyntuh perasaan (cant upload more..nnti mcm pjg sgt)

Eh.. thanks ppl.. I think my 35% of my brain is functioning..

Monday, November 24, 2008

my heart

wut's with the title ni??

ok..hati ni ade trcucuk2..
soo x comfortable..
ade mcm x balance..
pusing kiri kanan pun x boleh tido
nak makan soto pun.. too bad that i hv to throw all


ateh n zai.. knape?
sorry mek - ure into biotech
lely, sarey, eeza n chet - my heart is nothing to do with audit
aza - yup, neither the orchestra thing

tak suka

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tiang Train

Betul lah like wut uve said. Mmg irritating giler ok!!!

My journey from Plaza Rakyat to Cahaya station just now wasn't good.
Looking at couples yg loving2, that they think the whole train was theirs is soo annoying.

So there's a couple yg naik train from Hang Tuah. Ish..dgn baju yg weird which looks like they just attend any halloween events (serious shit diorg igt diorg kat Tokyo kot!), terus nk berhugging2 each other. Mybe SOME ppl dun mind if they want to have that at a hidden corner. Tp yg ni, dgn tiang2 (tiang yg kat tengah tu) skali pun diorg nak peluk laa kan.. Eh helo!! Everyone in the train mcm tgk je but do nothing. Tak de sorg pun nk pi sound. Haha

And mmg dlm mind si couple ni pun tiang tu diorg je punye!! Kak, org lain pun nk gune the tiang pls!!

I feel like nk ckp je 'Kak, tiang ni utk org lain.. Nape nk peluk tiang skali? Err..Nway hows the halloween party td?' Hahaha or nak snap their pics, so that u all can see..Err.. tp takut later their halloween members attack i pulak. N just cant imagine the ketua of that team wearing a big orange pumpkin head running towards me.
Ishh scary...

So how ppl?

Friday, November 14, 2008


One fine night, I reached home super early. N jihan pulak still at ofis.. Hmm.. bosannye.

So I turned on the TV. Like after 3 mins browsing all the channels, I switched it off. Nothing interesting - as simple as that. Shitt..My not-ok-syndrome ni dtg balik ke?! Isk.. Pls2 need to do sth.

Luckily, I saw 2 DVDs on the table :

  1. Shrek

  2. SEPI

Errmm.. Obviously, I chose SEPI.. hahah

OK. watched CINTA b4. So I expected Sepi is sth like Cinta that i managed to concentrate only the first 20 mins.. (including the introduction - other muvie trailers) HAHAHA

But i was sooo amazed by the chracters of each cast, the sceneries cantik2, the soundtracks sgt syahdu while appreciating each and single line - a perfect script!! - haha semangat ni! Camera angles pun creative! Hihi

Jihan pun sampai..mase scene Adam n Ilyana.. still hungry - not yet dinner, kitorg tgk dgn penuh emosi....

Adam n Ilyana..

Honestly, I like adam's charatcer. sgt suka sbb funny n yet sweetest!! Tpkan.. dun u think it's so unfair that after knowing Ilyana is getting married, die trus baik ng Suzi (Nasha Aziz). tau laa Suzy tu a bit feelingles.. Tp mcm ksian laa ok. Bila Ilyana dtg blk, cepat je nk break off dgn Suzi. Ishness.. Bile x ade Ilyana, nak Suzi.. Ish..ish..

But of all the 3 dramas, I like this one most! hihih


Pelik.. a married lady (for 7 yrs), fall in love with a guy, just by talking few lines. Tp the scripts sweet la.. tp bukanke the wife tak loyal?? Ksian nye her hsband menjual ikan, but the wife tersuka dekat one rich + good looking guy. Just because she's pregnant, trus pilih the husband balik. What if tak pregnant? Ntah comment.. I just wondering.. nape senang2 mcm boleh tersuka kat org lain.. Dah laa ckp few lines je. Hehe sorry.. I never believe any as love at 1st sight. Boleh ke? Wut if mmg laa the guy/girl u fall in love with (sbb trtgk sesaat!) tu soo attractive.. tp most of her attitude u cant suit in, even his jokes pun u cant even laugh at.. so? Does love at 1st sight really exist? Tp I enjoyed at their scene ni... Cume terdetik je.. whre's the loyalty towards ur husband?? hehe


Erm... Ok, mmg expect Khalil (Pierre Andre) dah mati actually. Tp sweet laa. I like the scripts juge!! Hihi.. Tp er.. Knape Pierre Andre ni? the way he talk tu.. uish.. I remembered he said 'I cemburu.' His cembuRRRu tu.. ish lain sket.. lain byk.. Ishh.. Haha.. Nway it's not a big issue pun.

So. the conclusion is.. I like everyhing in this muvie!! Beautifull sceneries, the unexpected story line n the casts!!! sukaaa...!! Regret that I didnt watch this in cinema. Ciss.

Eh .. Nope... But I just hate....

the title.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not OK

Today, at 3.59 pm

Im not ok.
  • I tried to watch TV, but later I keep on changing the channels
  • I had my lunch but I still hungry
  • I tried to read the notes for the exam but after 1 min, I put back on the rack
  • I listened to some of my songs here but tersangkut2 which annoyed me
  • I kemas bilik but still not satisfied with the arrangements
  • I wanna go out, seeing my frens, but when mek, chet n lely called me, I said all I want is to have another few hrs sleeping
  • I tried to sleep after that but I feel like my pillow is sssoo hard like the rock on top of Mount Kinabalu
Something is wrong..
ssssoooo wrongg..
Something is missing..
I can feel it..

I just dun know wut n im finding it out..

4.00 pm - Still not ok!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

1st week as the Internal Auditor

1st day...
- I woke up at 6.10 am. Really! haha
- When the HR clerk introduce us (the new joiners) to the other audit team, some of them asked me :
U hv working experience b4?

- And I answered :

- So these are the responses I got..

1) Hebat!! Wow!! (So frens di PwC..jgn resign lg!!)
Err.. hehe thanks
(How I wish i can say : Erm..I work there for 11 mths.. not even 1 yr. So define me 'hebat' pls..)

2) Ish.. haha so ure a job hopper?
Hehehe..Ive hopped once.. haha
(How I wish i can say : So?????)

3) much of ur blood hv they suck?..haha..!
Erm.. It's just that the working hrs that I cant stand. N thats all.
(How i wish i can say : Errm.. they sucked urs too??? No wonder u look a bit pale..)

4) Owh..they r our consultant. Ive liased with one of them b4. Honestly, I hate PwC staff.. Very arrogant!!
(Current staff, jgn emo bile bace ini ye.. mybe makcik yg ckp ni pun meluahkan her feelings..i hv no idea)
Is it? Maybe they were a bit busy that time..
(How i wish i can say : --nothing..speechless--)

2nd day...
- Read the manuals n assist the seniors.

3rd day...
- Dpt laptop, gune Lotus notes juge..(Lotus tu..errmm program or the system yg digunekan hehe)
- Bleh gune ST!!!! Rindu!! (Owh, ST ni mcm can only chatting with the bank's staff je..)
- Cepat2 add afiq! ahahah n he online.. klakar gile.. terus mcm jerit 'AFIQQQQQ!!' n he replied 'Dinaaaaaaa!) adei.. Mcm sooo like crying terjumpe org yg sgt dikenali.. Our version of Jejak Kasihh..
- He was complaining abt his job yg die x suke.. Go afiq!! U caaann ddoo it!!
- Go dina too! haha

4th day...
- Read the manuals n assist the seniors

5th day...
- Read the manuals n assist the seniors
- 4.43pm sharp, I started packing n switched off my laptop..
- Bye.. Ill c u on Monday!

P/S : Kwn2 ku, wut ACCA stands for? Nervousssssss!! Am I seriously registered for this Dec exam sitting?? ;(

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bye Bye Blogger..

This wont be my final chapter..

But wont be able to update any for few weeks only - I hope.

Im going back to the never-sleep-KL, tomorrow.

No laptop n i dun think i hv time to blog as well.. ;(

Oh yup, bye bye to my 2-weeks-jobless period too..
Frens, wish me luck.. Bcoz i need them a lot.. hehe

C ya later!









So now, u remember the rainbows colours? Hehe..Nway, im in accounting line. All i know was M J K H B I U.

For all the scientific terms, the rainbow phenomenon, how to see the rainbow reflections using ur own glass + rain + sunshines, u can easily browse it tru the net rite..? haha.. Like duhhh..

If rainbow can make u feel better n make u smile, then treasure it. Be happy. ;) As the old sayings,

'Happiness often sneaks in through a door u didnt know u left open' ;)

But I know, it's sooo impossible for us to touch or even slide on the rainbows like wut Ronald McDonald did. Haha. But i think there's another way of having the rainbows.

At last!!!! I bought one!!!

and..loving it!!!!

(sgt tak suke pic ini... so.. ini bukan Dina.)

P/s : Yup, im jobless..