Sunday, February 28, 2010

Niyang Rapik

Some friends told me that my movie review is very reliable, so I feel it's my responsibility to update on the latest Niyang Rapik here. Hahaha

Im not a big fan of ghost stories, like never. But for the sake of someone important *wink wink* (poyo nak mati okayy), I decided to watch it with the girls.

Anyway, this is not a-must-watch-movie. I'll rank for 2.5 stars out of 5. The story line was a bit cliche, and many scenes remind me of the scariest ghost movie (selain stupid 'IT'), Long Kong. But somehow it was a good movie, so congrats to the director and producer (I dont know who) and the casts as well. As usual, Nasir Bilal Khan acted so good as bomoh-tok dukun etc. Awal -good!!, Bio Nik- good (and good looking), Zed Zaidi - good and u r such an elder brother!!, Fizz Fairuz - u are so like Aidil in Nur Kasih, and Sam - none other but...AN EXCELLENT actor!!! (am I being bias?!)

If you decided to watch it during this year's Hari Raya TV programme, pun boleh juga. Tapi if u have RM10 in ur purse, already queue for the ticket, but still tak tahu nak tgk movie apa, and nak rasa takut takut seram, do not make simple things complicated, just buy Niyang Rapik. (and pop corns)

Happy watching people!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Facebook Status

Ive been keeping this to myself for quite sometime and I cant help it but to let all of u know that I cant stand such status in Facebook. No offence, but this is just my opinion - YUCK YOU. If u think it's ok, then it's ok. Told ya, it's only my opinion.

On the V-day, unlike last year, this yr I just stayed home, and later came across these:

Facebooker 2 (few weekd bfore V-day) : Nak baby, nak baby, nak baby.
Facebooker 3 : Hari ini baru saya nampak kekuatan hubby saya.
Facebooker 4 : En. Husband is at office. Lewatla kami dpt gnite kiss mlm ni.
Dont u think they shoud make this as their text messages utk En. Husband or En. Hubby or En. Apa Apa, and not a public status.

If one day I put my status as SAYA SAYANG AWAK SEPENUH HATI, slap me.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Pictures

As promised, so here goes SOME pics of mine with my special friends at heart on my birthday, few weeks ago..

On the happy Saturday..
I guess this will be our last time spending our very own moments in Aza's roomy, as she's getting married next month!
With my all time darlings, Kar, Aza n Mek. (And Eeza) (And Zainul)

Do not expect us to act like those above in public. Us, behave-pose. We had good foods, a slice of cake and I love the presenties!! Thanks girls!!!

The next great Sunday..
I had great outings with another close friends whom I usually see them with office attires, files, reports etc. Haha.
I am still touched with the cupcakes, presents, cards. Thankies all!!!
They are definitely my dearest Nazra, Farhana, Hashim n Iliyas and the other 3 sweeties (wished u all were there too), Nissy, Saras and Zura!!! <3

Iliyas was always be the one yg elak2 tak nak snap pics with me n Fahana. So fine. We have two pics with Hashim. Satu keras. Satu tak keras. Haha.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre-Heart Attack

I just think this is so cute and I almost had a pre-heart attack. Help.

Pre-heart attack 1..
Saya : Why are u still awake at this time?
X : Im checking on your page.
Saya : Haha. So my page will make u sleepy I guess.
X : Nope, I was sleepy before. But not after ur pics. Hehe
Saya : Now I feel like Im

Pre-heart attack 2..
Saya : Yup, Im going back hometown tomorrow, by bus, I dont drive, so traffic jam isnt my issue.
X : Later give me the bus driver's number. So I can tell him to drive u safely. ;)

Cute is cute.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Early February Updates

The beginning February of mine was so good. I had happy weekends in Penang, followed by my pardayyy pardayyy weekend. Ermm.. Not really a party anyway, it was just an outing with close friends, a cake, cute cupcakes and more and more presents. LOVE U ALL FROM MY HEART.
I'll upload more pictures soon. I cant even open my eyes now. I guess it's the sign of aging. Nite everyone.

P/s : Happy belated kepada Zainul Hidayah. Miss her like crazy.