Sunday, October 25, 2009

500 Days Of Summer

After years not seeing Gordon-Levitt on screen, I was hoping this a worth movie to watch on weekends after a long queue in TGV. But I was totally wrong.
Nurin woke me up after seeing me dozzed off few times. It wasnt that funny but 3 ladies behind us were laughing so loud and that was funny.
Thus, 1.5 stars out of 5.
1.5 was for Gordon for reminding me of Heath Ledger in 10 T.I.H.A.Y.

2 orang sangap regretted on the movie they watched.

And anyway, everything is so wrong with my facebook page. I re-activated it but I couldnt access to the page.Why oh why. Maybe they had enough of physcos. Hehe

Thursday, October 22, 2009

To N and S

Dear girls,

After weeks u all hv been leaving us in Menara, here are some updates:

a) At first I feel bad for cancelling this afternoon lunch with I, but after remember how mean that he text me about my shirt, I thanked F after she : 'Tell him NO'.

b) I bumped into P (pokok) in the washroom but neither of us said Hi. It was damn awkward, I felt like hiding, exactly like the time we were queieng err..queing oopps...ok, quieng (I dont care, can u just ignore? but u get what I mean right?) for the photoshoot that later, was rejected. Haha

c) We think MS (M=model) is a nice guy. Regardless that he claimed himself a model. He said Hi, tak balik lagi? to F. I was there. Very the gentleman. So N, sorry. I know u hate this.

d) F drove. We went back together and I reached home at 7. I shud hv just take the train. Haha *peace F* When we were in the car, there was this one song that I cudnt sing along, n F told me it's S n her song. Fine....... mine is always Debbie Gibson's.

e) Z wanna send N text on latest updates from Sh. But she accidentally sent it to Sh.

f) We miss u all everyday.

P/s : N, ok, dah ada pic kau. Tak cut dah. Hehehe And Z, previous entry ada pic kau the day we went to M&M's reception. So I wont put it here again k. xxx


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Down and Drown

Things are getting no better for me this October, but weird and depressing instead.

I am so not comfortable with myself lately. To my surprise, people really talk as if going out with an officemate is really really a big deal. It's ok. Noted.
N it's even worse when they saw u n an officemate in one colour, they had this like-we-just-got-married-in-Thailand-look. Nightmare 1.
To be honest, Im tired of 'Tak ada apa-apa la. We r just officemate. So u girls out there, dont worry.' Adoi

And now I adore people like err.. Fasha Sandha (!!??) on how she faces her stories like an equin who had a press conference telling the whole reporters that he rejected her. OMG. Nightmare 2.

So I think deactivating my facebook profile is the best way to avoid all the gossips. Sorry, sometimes/all the time I'm a drama queen. Haha
N u know what, the moment I deactivate the page, I was like saying 'Bye bye friends, Im no longer exist.' Sick.

And this morning, as early as 9am, an auditee answered 'Open your drawer, take your calculator and use it.' when I asked the calculation of XXX. wtf.

With my 2 nightmares, 1 sick imagination and 1 wtf-story, I am so down and drown.
But I think no one cares.

I hope someone is an adopted son. =(


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Us, again.

I miss having a mirror + the girls + and a camera = ugly, i know.
Whenever we're together, we never grow up.

Monday, October 19, 2009

M&M's Big Day

Knowing that another close friends of mine were getting married, I was totally happy n at the same time macam sayu sayu hati (kan Sarey kan?) Been knowing them very well since so many years back, I attended both receptions of...Man & Misya.

Sorry Misya, Ive forgotten to snap any pics of u when u were on that purple kebaya. But u look great and there were others said the same thing too!! Hehe =)) Since pics kau aku tak dpt snap, here's the pic of me, En. Partner n Zura who attended ur reception. (nak jugak upload pic diri sendiri =) )

N the very next day, I attended Man's reception. I fell in love with everything, from the card, pelamin, great food, marshmellows+chocs, meeting friends all over again, photo shoots...except for Man's shoes, because it was toooo cute for him haha.

I like the card.

Misya yg sampai hati purposely tak nak tgk my camera!! Fine..

Man, pls. Not this again. Hehe

The most congratulations to my Misya and Hilman!! Have fun with a new phase of life!



Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Drama

Only God knows how speechless I was after knowing a cancelled plan of mine was exactly the same as the ok-set!-proceed- plan of hers. Okay tak apa. Life is always full of drama I guess. Eh tak sedih tak sedih. Cuma Im quite surprise, thats all.
Mek, zip it. Haha.

I ended up eating all these as my dinner. I think Im able to finish it after this.
Hi fats!

N owh, this morning, I had some discussion with my seniors. And so I jot down all the points that I assume were important. When they mentioned the reports' names to be checked, I write them down. As usual, sometimes my mind was somewhere else. Maybe Muar. Because I miss my family soo very badly..nak siram pokok..makan together..dgr bunyi ayam.. eh ok I cut the crap. Back to the story..

When senior 1 asked me what was the 2nd report as she forgotten all,

I said : Early Morning Sickness Report.
Senior 1 : Errr???
Me : Yup, it's Early Morning Sickness Report.
Senior 2 : Sound like the same. But actually it's Early Warning Signals Report.
Me : Oh yup..yup. Err.. I got the 'early' correct. Hehe.

I was like soooo dumb..How could I really thought there is a banking report that sounds like a medical report!!

I need a doctor, ASAP.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Faster, November

I wasnt feeling good these few days. My eyes were red everytime I read the BNM guidelines. Then a terrible headache. I seriously asked F 'I think the building is shaking again. Cant u feel it?' And I got 'I think ur head is shaking'.
When I reached home, settled down, tired like mad, I fall asleep at 8.30pm and woke up the next morning.
Hoping for a better day, I received a text from a guy
'If u want my opinion, I think your shirt is too small for you.'
I wished I reply him 'WTH wrong with u, Mr. Wrong?'.
But all I did was..nothing. Maybe I was too surprised that people nowadays are being too outspoken. Close friends said nothing was wrong with the shirt (I hope they r being honest. Haha N I know, they r! xoxo) Thus I took it as S harrassment?
What a weird first week of October I had..


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello October

I just realized that time really really flies. Celebrating the 1 January of 2009 with my friends (dvds and good food), was actually so many months back (!!!) and surprisingly I can still remember every moments of it.
Ok. Time flies.

Mind yourself that this gonna be a weird entry with weird updates. Haha. I cant think. U know why?

1) Blur.. so I am so out of words.
2) Im still thinking what actually happened to me this afternoon. I remember I was in the bus to KL, but was asleep before the driver started the engine and the next minute, I knew I was in Jln Hang Tuah KL. Still wondering what makes me soo tired, that I really fainted?
3) After listening to the love songs in for an hour, I have headache.
4) I miss my sisters badly.
5) Should I be angry or sad over this thing that I-dont-wanna-tell-u-but-let-me-keep-it-to-my self? Err.. decided to forgive and forget, so I stay calm.
6) Kira baju kurung cukup tak untuk the weddings and more weddings..
Hope for another happy and healthy October! Amin.