Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Signs To Meet The Little One

At 9 months pregnant and spending most of the time waiting for signs the little one to pop out is like a game. The longer you wait the more nervous and worry you are. Once (you think) it happens, you'll get excited (nervous tu masih ada), running to the washroom, and knowing it's false alarm, that's it, you have to start the waiting game all over again. So being a temporary housewife who stays at home alone from 8am to 8pm, you can't avoid but to play the game and be alert on the signs 24/7 all by yourself.. Hihihi..

Besides the obvious leakage/rupture of amniotic fluids and spotting, I've been counting my Little One's kicks that must be 10-12 times in 12 hours which usually starts from 9am for the past 2 weeks. Ive heard cases whereby some mommies can't feel the baby's kicks even at 8 months of pregnancy and later found out that the babies not survived. Na'uzubillah.

This morning, I found out that Little One was testing my nerves. At 9.30am, I couldn't feel him. So I asked my husband whether he can as he's always full of theories. He was so cute, he actually whispered to the Little One 'Bangun la baby Y..Mak dah risau tu..' and softly shake my tummy. Too bad, his theory was not really helping this time as Little One was still enjoying to play this nerves testing game. But husband kept on telling me nothing to worry. Little One might be sleeping and would want to wake up late.

I was like telling my husband 'But my mommy-sense said no'. I need to see my gynae so at about 10.15am, I was in the car with my husband to Pusrawi. Muka husband pun mcm ish-layan-kan-je-lah-my-think-too-much-wife-ni..

After about 10 minutes of driving, suddenly I felt Little One's kick. A strong one. and followed by another strong double kick. And I could see my tummy was actively moving. My muka yang tadi macam confident cakap I kan ada mommy sense tu pun told the husband 'Jomlah kita patah balik rumah. Baby Y dah kick dah ni.. hehe.. I belanja breakfast jom :p'..Jadi we all pun patah balik, had a good roti canai at the nearby mamak. Hihihi.. (naughty baby!! :p)

Sorry husband.. I love you and baby so much!! And hello Little One, Mak really can't wait to see, hug and kiss you!!


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